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 Scheduling Step 3 on weekend!  

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Hi... need some clarification and advice here!

Read some where there we could schedule the step 3 exam on a weekend.... either a friday n monday or a saturday n monday.

Is that true...? and if it is so, then is it advisable to do it this way...? also what are the odds of getting such combination days?

Would really appreciate if someone could solve this dilemma... thanks in advance!


It is really tough to get such dates,especially at this time as everyone needs their step 3 for the visa processing.But if you can take a Sat/Mon that would be great.This exam is all about your performance on the day and it helps to have a day in between to rest and freshen up.
But if you can't get a date like that don't's doable on 2 consecutive days too.
Good Luck!


hey... thanks a ton for your prompt reply!

However was wondering if there could be any cons to it....shaking head?

I'm still to receive my scheduling permit... lets see what's in store once I get it... till then, hoping for the best... always wink

Thanks again and good luck with everything'


If the center is not open sun... then sat/mon counts
as consecutive days. I did it this way thinking it would be
good for the rest.
In actual fact the second day is much shorter and less tiring than
first day. ccs usually done in half the time so it is a short day
and the blocks are shorter as well.
So did not feel that it was a great advantage , just another day
to add to the anxiety. Depends on your personality if you feel
you need the rest after day one.


Hey gray... thats really helpful and positive considering your amazing score!

Thanks for your input... really appreciate it!

Good luck for the matchwink

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