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 Stress hormones!  

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Which ones are they?


glucocorticoids, GH, IGFs, catecholamines. is there any one else?


Yes you got all of them except glucagon.


oh yes, thanx


and cortisol?


oops...that was dumb since you listed glucocorticoids smiling face I think I need to call it a night.........


yess & one of a major functions of stress harmones is tht they all activate a enzyme called HORMONE SINSITIVE LIPASE whose function is to increase lipolysis in adipose tissue..i.e why all stress hormones posess lipolytic effect..n the hormone tht opposes this enzyme is INSULIN which decreases its activity n decrease lipolysis by inhibiting triglyceride thereby increasing lipogenesis...anyways...i m not sure about IGFs ,whether they r included in stress hormones or not???


see my post above


Mani, u sure that IGF is included? I've read that Growth Hormone is both a stress horomone(owing to its acute effects) as well as an anabolic hormone (owing mainly to its indirect effects via IGF).. shudn't that make IGF primarily an anabolic hormone?


hi, i am dr ahmed from india, i started studying for step 1, when do u think one should give exam, plz coud u tell what u r studying for physio,,i would appreciate ur advise


listen mani i havent read anywhere tht IGFs r included in stress hormones...can u gimme a reference of the book from where u've read about it...i'll b gr8ful smiling face

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