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 Histology and Molecular Biology Mnemonics  

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Add 2 Thighs

1)Adenine pairs with Thymine
2) 2 hydrogen bonds


N. MeninGitidiS has M, G and S in spelling - hence ferments all three sugars - Maltose, Glucose and Sucrose , whereas N. Gonorrhoea has only G - ferments only Glucose 8)


Viruses that have multiple segments of RNA ! : ARBO viruses :o

A - Arena [2]
R - Reo [10] and Retro [2]
B - Bunya [3]
O - Orthomyxo [8]

Dont confuse these with ARthropod BOrne ones :-) :oops:

:arrow: None of the DNA viruses have a segmented genome


to remember in desc order


Remembering the components and position of the LPS ...

S - outer polySaccharide
P - core Polysaccharide
L - Lipd A [innermost]



In order to memorize the layers of the lymph nodes and their cellular content , here is this mnemonic :

Bush Found The Pomp (not Bomb) , PLease Call Military Soldiers

The explaining :
Bush Found = B cells in Follicle

The Pomp = T cells in Paracortex

PLease Call = Plasma cells in Cords of Medulla

Military Soldiers = Macrophages in Sinuses of Medulla

one more thing , this sequence is from OUTSIDE to INSIDE, i.e. the most outside layer is Follicle, and the most inside is Sinuses of Medulla.

In STEP 1 they ask about the layer which is not developed in these diseases :
DiGeorge = Paracortex (no T cells)
Brutton`s Disease = Follicles (no B cells)
SCID = Follicles, Paracortex and Cords (no B cells, no T cells, and of course no PLasma cells)

I hope u find it useful



KINesin for ANTerograde transportnod


Triplet Repeats:

Huntingtons: CAG
(hunter puts animal in a CAGe or Caudate Atrophy Gene)

Myotonic Dystrophy: CTG
-Can't Tap, and Go
or C- Cardiac arrhythmias and Cataracs
T- Testicular Atrophy
G- Gets worse with generations (Anticipation)

Fragile X: CGG
Congenital Gigantic Gonads (testicular hypertrophy)

Fredrich's Ataxia: GAA
(can't think of anything for that one)

Does anyone know any more???)


how about "Genetic AtaxiA" for GAA of Fredrich's Ataxia.. wink


Skin layers from deep to sureficial:

Baby Skin Looks Good Condition.



Skin layers from superficial to deep:

Californians Like Girls in String Bikinis

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