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 Dawn of Belief in myself....  

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Dec 19, 2008

I wrote for partners, searched for partners to get me back on study track. It happened but not like one studies one's self because even after studying with a partner I definitely have to revise it.

I was looking for someone to pullme out of the quicksand of giving up with fear taking over me but then I just decided all over again today that I have to face it............and there is no other way.

I gave up job more tha a year ago, working part time for this exam, never started a family yet for this exam and somehow its all about hits and misses................and I missed it yet again.

I ask myself Do I give up? and I reply NO Way! Persevere and persist! Currently living paycheck to paycheck actually resources running meagre................and still with those books.

All I figured out today is that my victory often lies in me being alone.........meaning often pondering over new strategies, conserving my energies by not talking much and relying on my inner strength only..........I always knew it and this is how I got to where I am today but somehow sometimes in life the visibility is low much like bad weather, looks like today is the beginning of a new spring within me, a ray of hope.....................

Like I used to before will try to give myself absolute stimulus free quiet time for 1 hour to quiet my mind almost like listening to a higher power.

hey eeshwar, aaj tak mushkile he dekhi hain aur haar nahin mani..............meri umeed kayam rakhna apne mein vishwas kayam rakhna meri laaj rakhna aur apni shaan rakhna.

shakti do bhakti do!

sabka mangal ho!


If you really want it...............GO FOR IT! nod

You can.....!


Dear Sapna, I am touched by your post, you defnitely can do it, you are strong, many things can happen in life, you can make wrong decisions, you could live on financial crisis, bad personal relationship ( God forbid), but you can never go wrong pursuing to be a doctor, which you are already, its about you. Dont worry, even if takes longer, it will come, you are brave, i salute your strength, wish you the best!


Jan 14 2009 , time to restart this journal, one day at a time, that's how all the exm prepper r doing, but never loose hope, back to book asap when time , situation allow .

Best is keep journal alive, study or not, keep at least short post , so frds here can motivate, support , make sure u will read & report.

Also journal is our vent site some time too .

So.. now New yr, it's time to restart ur journal & post at least few days a wk or daily once .

Am reading FA, KME, RR , Papi & Qs as chpt done ........... how about u ?

Do not give up, do not loose hope, life goes on, try to catch up , in the study too , since u seem done reading some alreaday , not as starter , so do not stop , keep moving fast, well .

c u around, will check on u soon . grin:
Stay warm if u r in cold snap region like I do nod

Hey ........sapna [SN ]........... come back to continue ur journey with this daily journal nod

GL to me, us , all nod


Dear Sapna, stay strong !!

I can see through your words that you are a strong person and you will do it with the grace of God.


Jan 14, 2009

Hi Guys,

Thank you all for reading my journal page which for me was a stumbling stone of strength and self realization.........I actually do not log on to the website much at all but it has always been on my todo list......I know it is helpful in b/w studies to visit the forum and read the posts, it is informative and often inspiring.

I just wrote my thoughts....and never read my post again until today my study partner brought it to my attention through offliners that perhaps its time to revisit the forum and see the additions to my journal and be rejuvinated yet again.

Today not a very good day at all in terms of studies...............pretty much wasted i'd say but hang on I will start afresh tomorrow after some rest.

Just remember to all of you out there my future colleagues:

Whatever the mind can conceive & believe, the mind can acheive!

What is to fear if God be with you?

But faith alone does not work, we have to toil along.............

ON this thought I end the post for tonight, thank you again all for the encouraging words,




Hang in there, stay on track, we all have good, bad days, just have to bounce back asap .

c u around .

What's in ur study , mine is always path , papi , & FA, RR, KME with FA & RR are main, with few Qs .

Back to study my GI in all above mentioned , have a great study day .nod

GL to me, us, allnod

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