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 IPSP and Cl influx  

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It seems that the increased conductance to Chloride leads to Cl influx which in turn triggers the transient hyperpolarization, or IPSP.
My question is that ,in resting membrane, chloride ions are at equilibrium, which means the net force on Chloride is zero. In this case, the increased conductance should not induce infulx of chloride as what has happened in IPSP.
What is force that drug Cl- into the cell??


EPSP is caused by triggering the stimulatory part of the synapse and IPSP by trigerrring the inhibitory synaptic knob

what triggers that is the impulse u want.

I hope it answers ur question if not then i can try better


new_n_lost, Thanks for you help
But I would like to know what the force that drives chloride intracellularly in Ipsp exactly is since the net force of chloride(caculated by nernst) is zero.

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