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 some physio Q  

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During strenous running, Cardiac Output of a man increases 4 fold. The systemic A-V 02 diff changed from 4 to 12 volume per cent, and the mean pulm arterial pressure changes from 15 mmHg to 18. Which conclusion could be made:
a) the inc pressure was caused by an inc in pulm resist to flow
b) the pulm artery blood had lower PO2 during exercise
c) Changes in the pulm artery blood PO2 are for the most part responsible for the changes in the pul peripheral resist
d) none


II) 62 yr male in ER has S&S of CHF presented in previous few days.......2 weeks b4 admission he had a knife wound to the left supraclavicular area. Phys. exam. reveals signs of a large, left subclavian A-V fistula. Which of the following is expected to be present in this man?

a) Dec HR

b) Dec SV

c) Dec Venous O2 content

d) Inc resting CO

e) Inc diastolic BP

f) Inc systemic vasc resist


1 . a?
2 . f


try again rolling eyes


1. c
2. d


1, not sure, don't like how question is written . Maybe C.

2, D.


1.c, 2.d


C ,D


keep trying nod just number 1

(2nd is correct)


LOL, that it is D, none.


or B ? confused


For 2nd d?


Answers are:

1. b

pulmonary artery had lower PO2 during excers..cos pulm "artery" has venoous blood ...less O2 in pulm artery.............(that resembles systemic venous content)----->A-V diff will be inc.

2. d

from fistula (artery--->vein) more blood returns to Heart.


1 B
2 D

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