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An experiment is being conducted to check which hormones regulates gylcogen in liver,three samples of liver are studied for glucogon,epinepherine and glucocorticoid action each on samples respectively.what set of observation will be seen,for gylcogen synthesis?





Edited by keepgoing on Nov 26, 2008 - 12:23 AM


B ?


I think A. dec-dec-inc.

As glucocorticoid increase blood glucose by gluconeogenesis, not by glycogenolysis! Though it have permissive action on epinephrine, it independently doesnot induce glycogenolysis. On the contrary it increase liver glycogen synthesis


i didnt got q actually wether asking glycogen lysis r synthesis.


sorry forgot type in what effect to check on.plz read again BS and lildoc.thanks for anticipation.




My answer is same as it was clear to me before also that you are talking about glycogen levelgrin

So A again!


grin smart lildoc.karime says rt,u shud be bigdoc wink

yes its A. .

Edited by keepgoing on Nov 26, 2008 - 6:19 AM


littledoc, corticoids doesnt lyse glycogen as u said. but it has effect on synthesis - dec.
correct me if i am wrng.


Glucocorticoids are catabolic hormones in muscle and adipose but in LIVER it makes glycogen from AAs and glucose from muscle n adipose.


KG, thanks 4 clarification.


i am tired of picking the wrong answers i was thinking d urgghhhhhhhhh glyco from AA and glucose from muscle and adipose

i was thinking it's a stress hormone so it will be catabolic

but then whats new!




I think its D. See kaplan if you like.

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