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 Form 327 A resent...any help.  

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I just signed in OASIS to see the status of my credential verification, which my med school sent back on October and it shows that the form 327 A was sent in Nov 20th( 1st time was sent on Sept 22) , some days ago it shows that it was received and pending verification.
Does anybody had have the same problem? Does it means that something has an error on my verification process if so I have contact my med school and my brother to help me there.
But if so why they did not contact me by email like they did before or by mail like I got when they sent my medical diploma to my med school.
Any advice please. I will call tomorrow anyways.Have a blessed day.


I just found the problem, the person who signed the form was not recognized by them. Need to contact my med school so they can update the authorities, anybody with the same problem?


Please if somebody know how the med school can update its authorized authorities to sign the form tell me, it has been a long morning and I still can not call ECFMG ...too much time waiting and have chores here with my babies.Thanks and Have a blessed day.


I have the same problem. After 6 weeks of wait,the ecfmg has posted that they have resent the form 327-A to my medical school in India as they do not recognise the person who signed the form.They sent it by regular mail,I dont know how long it will take for it to reach and the medical college to respond.
ANy suggestions ?


I am also waiting for the form 327 to arrive at my med school. Is it possible to ask for a tracking number of the mail sent by ECFMG if there is any ?

Has anyone tried asking for a tracking number ?


I had the same problem with the 327 form, And I sent ecfmg an email to ask them about what they meant by: The Form 327 wasn't signed by a recognized official..

Simply they said:

We must have a record on file of the Dean or the Vice Dean or the Registrar signature.


You should contact the Dean’s office of your medical school to request that they provide an original letter listing the names, signatures and titles of those officials that the school has deemed as authorized to sign applications and verify the authenticity of credentials. The letter must be on the school’s letterhead, be signed by the Dean, Vice Dean, or Registrar, (or their equivalent: example: Rector, Vice Rector) and must bear the medical school’s official seal. ECFMG must receive this letter by mail to confirm that it was posted from the medical school.

That could happen for the following reasons:
1- you might be the 1st one in your med school to take the USMLE exams
2- the dean in your school has been changed
3- the ecfmg sent the letter to your univ but they never answered (most likely)

Your univ might repeat filling out the 327 form again (if ecfmg sent it back) + the diploma verification + your transcript ( as what happened with me) then they should send it again to ecfmg but if ecfmg didn't send back you just need to do the dean's signature letter (the above instructions).

After I finished all that, I contacted ecfmg asking them if they received my papers (for the 2nd time) + the dean's letter they said we received your papers and the verification process would take about 6 to 8 weeks but they didn't mentioned anything about the dean's letter (may be they can't tell me).
SO I send them another email asking them specifically about the dean's letter if it has been received, but no answer yet.

I recommend that you go by yourself or send someone who you can trust to your univ to finish this hassle, also you should send the dean's letter as soon as possible even before any other papers so they record it on file and have it in their system, Cuz I think they compare the signature on that file with the signature which on your papers?

I hope that would help.
Good luck

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how long does it take for them to update oasis after our college sends the verification back to ecfmg?

anyone who got theirs verified can answer?

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