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 phone pre interview at genesys  

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i have got an email from genesys medical center in michigan telling that you are invited for a pre interview by phone on thursday.
has anyone got any idea abt this.
wil they select candidates later on by interview or by phone itself or they wil call us fr a in person interview.
someone plz reply.. tats my only interview.


hey hardoc! that makes two of us. i think they will select us for a personal interview on the basis of our phone interview.


hi titly
well, wil it be the usual questions.
and hw many people will be selected out of it.. no idea.
do u know if the program sponsors a visa.. if yes, what visa.. h1b or j1
being my only interview, am getting anxious.
well, lets see/best of luck 2 u.


chill, just talk on fone and don't give attitude


thanks rocing doc/
well, yes.. wil just be calm and be myself.


hardoc this is my 1 st one too. i wud really appreciate if smone told us what to expect from telephone interviews!


add me too i also got a pre interview


hardoc and niran whn r ur interviews scheduled? mine on 19th


Any information about Genesys formal in person interview? anyone..........


mine is on 19th.....


mine on 19th


ok guys its easy 3-5 min talk on speaker phone.

just tell me abt yourself, why Fm, why our program, any problems in starting residency on time.

these 4 Qs tahts it usually.

GL to all.


hi kity.
well, yes almost the same questions here 2/
it went on well. they said they will inform in a week.
do inform if u get an interview..


i have given their phone interview ....just relax..tension free..they are looking for your confidence, your english and nothing else.....


anybody heard from genesys/
sharing of info wil benefit all/


Its been a week, haven't heard back


no news yet/
well, we should get some news by wednesday or it wil be only next week/
lets see.


hi guys.
got rejection call from genesys/
well, i cant have done the iv better/
well, dont know wat they expected.
but atleast they were courteous enough to assess candidates instead of summarily rejecting/
good luck to others who got ivs/




Thanks for sharing. I like this

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