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 Q from real exam - wrestler  

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Guys I just talked to somebody who took the exam this week and got some strange questions...
The first one was about wrestlers. They ask what disease is more common, actually what I did think about some skin infections...not sure...What do you think?


herpetic whitlow in wrestlers?


I just check Herpetic infection... it is more common in children and medical/dental workers. It should be some kind of skin infection because they do touch each other correct? The girl who took the exam does not remember the answer options but she remember what she did picked up for the correct one---RSVshaking head when I ask her why...she told me because she had no idea who is he wrestler is...grin Funny... so you need to have good English...


I think the following 2 articles can help you ask her or run the choices by her so that might remember and even though if she doesnt then u will find them helpful.


Thanks! So that's mean that the wrestler virtually can have any skin if choices were like A.- herpes, B.- impetigo, C.- molluscum cont, D.- licegrin.... which on is correct? Or may be it was just one possible skin bug and the rest something else, that's make this question incredibly easy...but because of her English, gender,and origin she has no idea what they are talking about. It's unfair, they test language here not science...mad


You know the bug could be Staph also with a very weird names from the list of organisms mentioned and more then could think of or come up with. I think this question would be or rather could be one of those 50 experimental questions.


I'm guessing Staph. aureus/MRSA. Community acquired MRSA has occurred in athletes lately, and wrestlers are one of the groups at high risk. Check out this from the CDC:


I did talked to the person who is in better mood/memory today... so the choices were several bugs, one RSV, second Molluscum cont.nod, third Hepatitis, forth HIV and something else, so looks they like you to pick up the skin option, and it was only one availabe, very easy...
Thanks guys!


It's probably molluscum contagiosum. It's what is given in Kaplan in MC's key vignette clues. MC can occur in a young adult (wrestling, swim team).

But it is indeed a confusing question. I guess for micro key words become very important.


Did they not mention anything else for this questions.. I mean Wresters & bugs? how are we supposed to know. The only association in my mind for wrestlers is steroid use.. but bugs no idea?



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