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 mismatch repair phase  

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In which phase does mismatch repair occurs to correct replication errors?

a) M
b) G 1
c) G 0
d) S
e) G 2





It should be B, S is for synthesis of DNA.




I am not sure about the answer.


i think G2


G1 grow
S synthesiof DNA
G2 Grow
G0 quiescent G1 phase


yes mash is correct: answer is G2

most DNA repair occur in G1 but mismatch repair occur in G2


yes in G2


mousa, how did u find such an old post..




old post good q

its G2!


100% G2


Mismatch repair occurs G2 phase

mlh1 and msh2 are the mismatch repair genes. defects lead to HNPCC ( lynch syndrome)


I truly have no idea what os the answer.
I hate step1


Ans - G2,

because mismatch of base pairs occurs during replication (S phase)

this escapes the proofreading function of DNA polymerase.

After S phase, its in G2 phase that mismatch repair enzymes slide over the replicated DNA to scan for mismatch base pairs.

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