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 take a chill pill now n then!  

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hi all of u out there!
i took step 1 on may 6 this year n learnt a key to success! they test more of your confidence than your knowledge trust me.if u know how to contain yourself u can easily do well.i got the majority of qs from biochem n micro n patho.i studied for 3 months for this exam, no more than 4 hours a day (mostly less :wink: ).i did a hell lot of questions n many of those from kaplan n q book appeared word by word on the exam!!!! one more word of advice: plz do not do more than one book for one subject, it makes concentration n revision difficult.the books i did were:
patho_kaplan (2 readings but leaving out all those chapters on nervous system n skin n FGT, MGT!)
physio_kaplan (2 readings except endo n GIT)
immuno_kaplan (3 readings.....very thourough)
micro_kaplan n MRS (2 readings but no parasito at all n neither of the last 3 chapters of kaplan)
biochem_kaplan (2n a half readings)
genetics_lippincott biochem n kaplan (2 n a half readings)
gross, neuro n embyo (hi yields 1 reading)
pharma_kaplan(1 reading)
behavioural science_hi yield, BRS n kaplan (2 readings)
biostatistics_hi-yield,appleton n lange & kaplan (2 readings)
i read first aid very thouroughly although n it helped me a lot.i also jotted down the formulae for every subject in the last page of my notebook n revised them in the end.
i did questions fron kaplan Q-book, q-bank, USMLE CD, kaplan CD n all the kaplan notes.doing questions builds your reflexes up n u don't need to think much on the real exam.i was out of the room an hour earlier including my breaks! i studied less but with confidence n believe me it helps.when u read up sumthing, just read it in a way that makes u believe that now u know this subject really well n that u did your best.don't exhaust yourself in gulping every little detail of every subject.first aid will patch your weaknesses in the almighty up there!


I followed exactly same preparation and my exam is 2 days from now. So, should I look back at Kaplan's qbank again (i mean, the marked qs) or "forget the qbank and master the first aid"?


Dr. Famz, I must humbly thank you for the honest feedback on your study methods. Your experience reminds me of one of my colleagues who followed similar patterns of study and passed last month. I look forward to hearing your results. Also, what were you scoring on q-bank? May you, doctorjha, and all the doctors posting here find success in all they do with help of God.


i was scoring sumwhere around 80-85% on Q first aid first n then do the qbank of that subject.u'll ace it inshallah! good luk!


Famz please can u tell the nature of your questions on real exam, i mean how would u break them down? clinical oriented, straight forward, tricky? also what kinda images u got? (if u got any) and what about the graphs. i heard from a friend that there were lots of physio, genetics and pharmacology graphs on her exam with no mention of whats on X or Y axis and these questions were one or two liner, not giving much details. So did u get any of these type of questions. If yes, which study material was helpful in this scenario? thanks in advance and good luck on your scores smiling face


i got more of apparently twisted clinical questions, but if u r not anxious, u'd catch the hint n mark the option rightaway trust me.i got 2-3 slides of hypersegmented neutrophils with 95% hints in the stem itself! so was the case with the rest of the photographs.the graphs i got were from the kaplan questions.nothing difficult at all alhamdulillah.


scored 95 in step 1 smiling face .dunno 'bout my 3-digit score as yet cuz i re-directed it to an address in USA.thnx to everyone in this 4um.all the very best to u all.


"famz" wrote:
scored 95 in step 1 smiling face .dunno 'bout my 3-digit score as yet cuz i re-directed it to an address in USA.thnx to everyone in this 4um.all the very best to u all.


Thats an awesome score...!!!

All the best for your step 2.


Congrats grin grin famz


thats a very great score,and ur exam experience,really gives us the confidence,thnaks a lot,all teh best for ur future.


Thanks a lot guys(Dr.Jha & Famz & every one), actually my wife is taking this exam on june 25th, i showed her the forum and she is feeling better, she has been very sad for the last one week, she got about 80% in Q bank and 80% in Kaplan CD, but has got very anxious and is not able to study & sleep these days, just wondering how to help. Let me know if u guys have any suggestions, do u think taking NBME will give her confidence.
Thanks Again


All the best on Step2. Thank you again for the exam feedback.

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