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 got a 81 ... can i get im  

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hi all
i am a img
i got a 81 in step 1 and studying for step 2
is there any possibility for me to get im with this score
please please give opinions and experiences
thanks in advance


IMGs have been getting in IM with 81 or scores below that. While higher scores offer more opportunities, a score of 81 is not a bad one. A better score in Step 2 could lift your average score up for some programs.

However, scores alone are not predictors of success in obtaining a residency position. US exp., visa, years since graduation, US LORs etc. also play their role.

Do as best as you can in Step 2 and you will be in a good position for residency.


Hi.....i'am IMG, Us citizen, I've been working for 2 years in a Hospital as a first assistant in Surgery.
Is there a possibility of getting into Pediatrics.
It was my first time taking the exam.
Some one help me with advice.


I think so you have great chances since you have been in THAT system .You know what I mean to say ?
also depends on your scores ,work hard and get high scores then you will definitely have NO problems at all since you are a US citizen as well so these are 2 plus points ,your good scores can be your 3rd plus points ,what else do you want ?
Best of luck !


i am a U.S citizen with 76step1 score n 86 step 2 score.Do u think ive a chance to get matched in 2004.lemme know.


hi nicky, could you tell me how one can get a postition in a hospital? I am thinking about possible backup plans in case I can not get into residency in the timeframe as I planned. Where can I find a hospital offering opportunities for IMGs (positions like assistants or whatever appropriate in that hospital). I am still doing my exams.


Hi Nicky,

I too have the same kind of question for a backup of doing some job in any hospital, is it possible, I am an IMG with green card. Do I need to complete residency to get into hospital for should i contact for any open there any good website ....thanks a lot..


hey guys!
i have a similar question...
i got an 88 on my step one and i am studying for step 2.
what kind of residency programme can i hope to get?
is radiology out of reach? ....what about anaesthesiology?


Hi, I am IMG from Europe. I've just got my Step 1 score, which is very low [76]. Just starting to prepare to Step 2. I've finished my neurology residency and fellowship in my home country [10 years of experience], I've published approx. 25 articles in IF journals, I've got approx. 50 SCI citations. I'am currently doing a research in US as a postdoctoral fellow. I've been observing the clinics since last fall. Do you think I've got any chance for the match - for the neurology residency especially with the low Step 1 score? Please, give me your opinion. :?: :?: :| Got bless you.

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