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 All moms & dads preping for USMLE  

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Hi smiling facemoms and dads, we all have one thing in common,lack of time!

I have met lot moms who are working full time job and preparing for USMLE.I really wonder how they get the time to study.

I thought that we could exchange some tips here so that we can effectively use our precious time, to do justice to both parenting and prepration for USMLE.

Edited by Melu on Oct 24, 2008 - 9:02 AM


Let me begin with myself first ,mom of two kids 7yrs and 3yrs.

My study time is my kids school time and after their bedtime.

I prefer to study in the library even when I am all by myself at home as I can beat my distractions and use time effectively .

I use flashcards and Goljan audio when I am on the run to pick up kids or audio.

Have to think lot more ways of saving time as I am planning to take my exam in January 09

And Oh yes, a co-operative and understanding spouse who substitues me at kids bath time,putting kids to bed, playtime, going to soccer pratice doesn't mind eating leftovers will be a great timesaver!nod


Hi Melu,

I'm here to along with my 4 years old sleeping prince. Glad you started this tread, now I have a place to cry and open my heart. grin

I'm planning to take it latest in January, so let's do it. nod Writing my own flashcards, and carrying them everywhere with me, cooking , vacuuming and cleaning with iPod on my ears.

Moms rule !!!!


Nice thread melu.

Am a mom of 2 kids, 7 and 2 1/2 grad in 2000.

started in Jan with 2 hrs to spare at night after my kids went to bed.(probably could have put in more hrs but used to be too exhausted after chasing around after a 2 yr old the whole day and of course the rest of house hold work)

gradually worked up with stealing 2 hrs when my kid took his afternoon nap.Also Nohousehold chores when he was napping it was my exclusive study time. Chores etc when my kids were around and i had no choice.

My mantra like i've told innumerable people is to get a study partner. it helped me to focus, maintain time and also helped me not to waste what precious little time i had. Also it saved me the trouble of surfing internet to find the answers to doubts i had and also time. esp since am studying after a long gap of m6-7 yrs. its honestly thanx to my study partners am where i am.

like melu said helps to have a even remotely helpful spouse , so delegated laundry duty to him.

Cleaned the house only once a week.(stopped inviting guests!!!!)

Warned my family not to come visit me till my exam is over (i know sounds harsh but they understand thank god!!)

Put my daughter in afterschool day care and my son in day care too so i can get myself a couple of more hrs time this since sept.(feel very guilty but its onkly till this exam is son is having a blast in day care so not really worried but my daughter i just try to explain that it is only till i finish this exam and am all theirs!!!)

cant think of anymore right now but will pen when i remember.

Good luck to all of us.


OMG i think i wrote way too much i started before GG posted and eneded up posting after her.SORRY!!gringrin


gringringrin mjbapana , I can tell already that I will like it here. nod


Hi, I have 3 Kids

16/17/19 None of them listen but they can take care of themselves most of the time.

I'm a new 4th year in Med school ( Caribbean) I have taken the last 2.5 months to restudy and take this thing, I was in clinicals all the last year before, this was my first break, none before attempt 2 that was a mistake. ( I now know)


GG,Mj, and DFRP,Great to see you all here!I am sure we can all learn a thing or two from each others schedules and mistakes.

MJ my rest of the story of saving time mostly resembles, no more inviting, less cleaning and cooking too for me!But I won't be able to avoid family contact which is sure to drain some spirit and energy out of me.My sisters marriage is coming up.God knows how I will manage my prep then.Surely learnt to avoid selfish and unwanted guests and friends

Inbetween I have become so involved in USMLE prep that I missed to pick up daughter on a minimum day , until I got a call from school office I was clueless.My poor little girl was waiting for me thinking that I have disappeared and will never return.

So I have decided not compensate on my time for my kids.I spend 2-3hrs each day with my them for assignments, projects, reading and becoming aware of other school happenings so that I don't have to regret again or making my baby feel insecure.

Lesson I learnt :Whatever you doing give 100% attention to it.Engrossed mind is good for nothing.

Somehow study partner thing never worked for me.

GG, will keep track of your journal to keep up .

Lets make the best use of time!

Moms rock and rule!nod

Edited by Melu on Oct 24, 2008 - 10:48 AM


I'm lucky mostly, but having older children means I'm Older ( 44)

I also volunteer for Boy Scouts ( I love to camp)


Hi parents! I am in... I have 13-year old daughter. She thinks that she is an adult, I know that she is a child... that's have we live. She still needs a lot of my attention and my time, but the time when I was chasing her around the house is over. By the way, I miss that baby time, so enjoy now people. Having a little one is so wonderfull because you can talk him/her in whatever you need and she/he would not talk back to you... but I do enjoy my teen now, later I will miss this time too... I work 24 h a week to help my husband to pay our bills and I failed my step1 last November, so I am going to take it again probably in, I wish all momies and dadies to do well on the exam...


Surely sigh, will take your advice.When do you study?


I just love to talk with my son, he keeps me amazed with the way how 4 y.o can think and speak. Maybe that's why it took me so long to get to this point of preparation where I'm now, I love to spend the time with him, when he is at home out of day care. I will miss this time when he becomes an independent teenager , but the memories will stay with me forever....

Sigh, will be crossing my fingers for your success in dec. nod

Edited by GoodGirl on Oct 24, 2008 - 9:30 AM


Weekend is coming, I made peace with myself and not getting frustrated anymore during weekends that I can not focus on studies during this days. Without my husband around I can hardly do a lot, and by the night I'm too tired often, so what I do is just review the stuff from the week and try to not start nothing new as the distraction is constantly around.

How do you handle weekends ?


Good girl agree with you, weekends always begin withn lots of hope and end in disaster.

My initial plan had revsion for Sundays.But since revision is very important and on my weekends I am cannot be serious with books(unless go to library) I changed my plans.

Weekend I spend lesser time(5-6hrs) than the weekdays for studying.

So I try to hit the book at the early morning hours (7-9am ) and late night (8pm-12am)

So that I can be with my family and also pamper myself a bit with shopping and social events.

Saturdays I also use couple of afternoon hours while my husband and youngest one nap(my husband's favorite sport)

I suggest you to take off and do something you like this weekend (atleast Sunday) so that you are recharged for the coming week.nod


I am in " the best position" I work on weekends 11am to is good! So, when my family is home I am not. Hard for them but I think, we all need to suffer to get the result, but then I can study mon to fri 9am to 15:30. It is in theory, in my real life I need to do all house staff too, you all know, I need to cook, because my family can't eat Fast Food and we can't go out because we need to pay mortgage and my exams expencies. And we have 2 year old dog who thinks that she is human being, so she takes a lot of my time...
My advice take it easy, if you need to spend time with your family do it, take a day off the end we are all study for our spouses and kids success too, right?


Hello Parents!!!!!!

Melu, it seems like you have organized your time pretty well, but I'm sure that when they are at school you always have something to do, being a mother is more difficult than being a father.

DRFP, I really admire you; I read that conversation with that immature guy, and is good to find some inspiration

I am a father of a 4 year old girl, but planning get pregnant (my wife of course) next month, they usually tell us that is not the right time, but to be honest I don't see the difference between now and the next 5 years. We are doing it more for our daughter, she is always too lonely. What do you guys think about having another one now?

See you


I forgot to tell you that my daughter is in that age when they want all the attention!!!
I really feel bad when I am studying and she is asking me to play with her, I work full time and I don't really spend time with my family, I usually study from 10 pm to 2-3 AM (I work from 100 PM to 800 pm so I sleep until late in the morning.



Here I am, mom of a 2 y old girl, and a baby boy 1 month old, I am studying between feedings, changing diapers and letting know my girl I am here. It used to be at nights but now I have not schedule,but I am sure I will do it.



i understand what u r talking about. After mt daughter was born didnt plan on having anymore kids till i finished this exam.thought that when she goes to pre K will get time to study, but by the time shae was 4 realized how lonely she was and she would want all our attention.esp mine since i used to spend 24/7 with her. Sp decided to have another kid. and so now i have 2. my daughter is 7 and my son 2 1/2 they fight like cats and dogs but then they adore each other. and also keep each other busy.

so though it is tough no regrets there. if aske dto dod it all over again i would in the same sequence.

i think girls r more attached to their dads. my husband works nights so when the kids r at home is at work and when the kids r at scholl he is at home fast asleep. my kids miss hima lot but he is doing what he is for them so not much we can do right now.

i understand what u r daughter must be feeling and u r feeling guilty too but not much u can do there. well u r doing all this to secure her future right? she might not understand now but when she is 30 and has kids of her own she will think of all these sacrifices u have made for her.

thats the way i think of my parents now that i have kids of my own. So no regrets.


Melu i love this thread. thanx it feels so nice to be able to share all this with people in similar situations and u realise u r not alone in this.

As for week ends [font style="background-color: #99ccff"]weekends always begin withn lots of hope and end in disaster[/font]. to tally agree with u. so gave on it.

Now saturday morning i just study for 2-3 hrs usually do q's.

then the rest of the weekend goes with doing chores and kids time. Same with Sundays.usually at night after kids go to bed.

[font style="background-color: #99ccff"]So my week end mantra is catching up on doing q's .[/font]

So heres to all of Us Moms and dadas.Cheers!!!!

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