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 plz plz plz help me to understand  

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Hi everyone

I am new in this field ,i found some terms about matching that i couldn't understand it

so plz explain what are these :

1-Publications ??

2-what is certification and should i do it befor the 1st of September ??

3- Communitary-Affiliated?


5-post Scramble


1- if you did research, your publications in papers etc
2- ECFMG certficate (passed Step 1, Step 2 CK and CS), if you can, get it before Sept 1st, at least you gotta have Step 1, advisable is Step 2 CK also
3- doesn´t exist, either it´s community hospital or university affiliated (that means, it´s a teaching hospital of a certain university)
4- a position that is offered to you outside and before the match, usually if they really like you at the interview and wanna offer you a position right then and there or a couple of weeks later via email or phone call
5- if you didn´t match, a period of 2 days, I think, where the hospitals give out unfilled positions and you call them up to ask if you could come there for a fast interview or just have the position


Thank you so much AnneGermany for being helpful

I just wanna ask again about the prematch ... what do you mean by (offernig me a position ) is that means that they give me a job with a salary or just practicing temp. until i finish the match process


No temporary position, it´s a residency spot for the season you´re applying to


thank you guys ... i realy need these basic information

I have 4 questions

1 when the candidates start recieving interviews ?

2 can I apply to more than one speciality in the same hospital ?

3 i didn't understand the explanation of (post Scramble)... could you explain more ?

4 what are the IV calls ?

Edited by Malcolmx on Oct 20, 2008 - 3:38 PM


oh now i know what is the IV calls( Interview calls)

please help me with the other things .... i am new here guys

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