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 Writing vs Typing the patient note  

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For beginners who are not aware of what we are talking about:
In the CS exam, candidates are given a choice of writing the patient notes in paper or to type in the computer. Almost all those who prepare for the CS get into this dilemma of choosing the right option.

Now lets explore the pros and cons of 'typing' first.
Computer typing:
Yes! those who are not good in typing just keep yourself away from the computer in your CS exam. This option is recommended only for those who are good in typing. If you are a fast typer and confident then go ahead with typing the patient note.
It gives the advantage of a neat outlook after you complete it unlike the written note with strike marks and corrections.
Note that you will have character limitations in computer typing whereas in paper you can alter the size of your letters if you run short of space.
Also, in a exam scenario, your typing efficiency might go down because of anxiety.

Pen and paper:
I find that most of the IMGs(at least in my test center) use paper rather than the computer for patient notes.
Better control on what you write.
No extra anxiety of doing something new as typing ( especially for IMGs)

Your handwriting might not be legible.
Corrections/ Strike marks dont look good to the one who is going to evaluate your paper.

Whichever method you choose, practice practice and practice is what is needed.


Writing the investigations and differential diagnosis first might help you save some time as well as score. These are the important points at which the examiner might look first. So lets finish them off first before we write the history and physical exam.


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