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 Interview attire  

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Does anyone no if pin striped suits are a no no for interviews. It seems that some websites recommend solid blue or dark gray suits. I suspect this is probably a minor point but any advice is welcomed.


pin-stripped r not a big no long as u can pull off a polished, sleek, professional look........there is nothing that goes against pin-stripped suits.....imagine u standing out ina crowd of solids, but in a nice way......

nice suit...not pimped up one, with a co-ordinated tie and a shirt.......cufflinks r a plus, but again not pimped up ones.....and shoes with laces or without is upto put some thought in for ur attire........we humans r superficial creatures........we tend to pay more attention to those who look good, dress good, smell good and speak well......wink


yeah pin stripes are good to go !!


@stomping - are you in the US? I'm clueless guy who knows nothing about what to wear during IVs. I went to a men's warehouse store and they gave me good advice. So my advice to you is if you have money to burn aroun 160 to 200 for a suit, 50 for a shirt and 30 for a tie, i reccommend going to a men's warehouse store.


Kohl's has good men's suitsgrin


go to brooks brother's outlet store....spend 300 on a suit, 50 on a tie 40 ona shirt and 20 on cufflinks....the dumbell shaped....510 plus tax only on cufflinks, if u r in nj!!




I thought cufflinks r old fashion raised eyebrow, like tie clip .

Shop , browse , compare ... also ask the sale person , usually they have good taste .. just tell what is ur occasion .. then they will give u right advice , right suites etc for u .

Pin strip ... how obvious , is that ? If blended , np .
Usually deep color .. black, dark nice brown r better but can b , deep grey , deep blue even some time olive or green ... but all should b deep rich look elegant color will do.
The sale guy know the best , but go with frd who also wear the best & rt for different occasions .

GL nod


Thanks guys for all the great advise. I guess I'm forced to do my least favorite activity. Shopping! hahaha smiling face

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