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 my exam experience  

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i got the score it is 80%
i'm IMG from IRAQ it is hard exam for me many times i thought i was failed
can't really recall questions, but i will say there was alot of physio and Pharma on there.

genetics/mol bio... alot more then i expected... alot of experiments and applications... splicing and recomb stuff... the basic.. but if you are unsure about it, then pick an answer and move on (like me!)

definitely had those pharma diagrams of experimental drugs.
also got side effects of different drugs... neoplastics. CVS. TB. NSAIDs

few Pathology and microbiology Both not more than 10 qs !!!!!!!

Genetics and cell biology alot of Genetics and cell biology ..
congential heart dx... and murmurs... the usual genetic dx..

biochem was mostly on the vitamin def... no real metabolism quesiton... a few of insulin/glycogen and then DM... mostly would be about the genetic dx

beh science was tricky cases... ethical questions most of them

i actually got an EKG... the case was V-Tach... and that was the EKG and the answer... you could have gotten it without the interpretation of the EKG though...but it was surprising to see
i had 2 cross sections at the sternal angle and then at the thoracic...

2 XRays... what nerve would be damaged if there was a fracture of the humerus... and then what structure would be involved if there was metastasis in the pelvis or soemthing like that

a 2 blood smears... needed to identify megaloblastic, and then sideroblastic w/ iron poisoning...

fluid/electrolytes... understanding all of them really helps.. definitely a bunch of those... sodium, potassium, calcium, phosporous...

the embryology was straight out of First Aid.

regarding books
BRS Path, Physio, Behavioral Science

High Yield Neuroanatomy , anatomy, cell biology(not Enough), histology(not Enough) , ember.
Lippincott Pharm and bioch
lange Micro

Kaplan Q bank and NMS Qs mostly i got 63% as Average


Thanx mnhakeem, and congratulations on passing, all the luck now for Step 2. My question is, you said cell bio, histo, high yield's are not enuf, so does that mean its better to look at that stuff somewhere else, do u think FA would be enuf? Also about pharm, is FA good enuf for pharm, or does one have to do lippincott. Again CONGRATULATIONS!!!


OK rida

Lippincott Pharm and bioch are very good and enuf

but the qs on cell bio, histo and genetics are too much and more than 50 Qs and they needs somthing more than high yield's like text books i do not know that is what is happend with me


congartulations grin
Thanks for the advise. I am reading almost the same book that you read iand I notice that. I going to look for a more complete book for these subjects. Thanks.


Hi mnhakeem,
Congratulations!!All the best for the following exams.Thanx for sharing your expereince its very generous of you to help us folks!
Thanx Rida.....I've been asking the question about Pahrmacology and mnhakeem for answering it.....I've been looking for an answer to that question for ages!Yes my books are similar to yours mnhakeem and lately alot of people have been complaining about experimental questions.....does anyone know where I can do questions about new experiments and stuff to better prepare myself?
Colombia where will you read up cell biology and genetics from??Congratulations once again mnhakeem.

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