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 another hematoloy q  

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7-year-old African-American male child known to
be suffering from sickle cell anemia presents with severe
pain in the bones of the right hand. There is no associated
fever or leukocytosis. The most likely pathogenetic factor
in the causation of this pain is

O (A) Defects in the alternative complement pathway
O (B) Increased adhesion of red blood cells to the endo-
O (C) Erosion of bones from stimulation of erythropoiesis
O (D) Increased red blood cell sickling in the peripheral
O (E) Increased production of fetal hemoglobin




try again


Is it B?




mistake typed actually i opted C


Sickle dactylitis

i think B


41. (B) Patients with sickle cell anemia have painful cri-
ses that represent episodes of hypoxic injury and infarction
caused by microvascular occlusions. Bones of hands and
feet are frequently affected. The vaso-occlusion results
from increased adhesiveness of damaged red cell mem-
branes to vascular endothelium. The alternative comple-
ment pathway may have defects in sickle cell anemia that
impair opsonization of encapsulated bacteria and hence in-
crease susceptibility to infection. The extent of red cell
sickling is correlated with the degree of anemia, but it is
not correlated with vaso-occlusive episodes.

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