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I got myself confuse in FA page 372 , in GI secretory products said :

Increase production of saliva; decrease splachnic blood flow in fight-or flight response; decrease motility; constricts sphinters.

My question is it is true that production of saliva increase with symphatetic stimulation?


yes, i think both symp and parasymp increase saliva production


really I was thinking this way.

When you are running sympathetic get activated and you do not need saliva for the running ,but when you are resting at home seen TV you would like to eat so you need saliva.

Thanks mani I didn't know that.


Actually, if I am not mistaken, in both cases, u use the Ach receptors. I saw it as a q on kaplan.


u r welcome


regulation of saliva production
parasympathetic stimulation (cn VII & IX) - cholinergic receptors - muscarinic - sec. mess. -IP3-Ca
sympatetic stimulation - smaller effect than those of parasymp.
receptors are b-adrenergic - sec. mess.- cAMP


When saliva is secreted by the the ducts, what ions make up its composition?


Oh and one more point, according to BRS physio, saliva is increased by both sym and para, however, para is more important!!!!

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