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 failed:( and depressed.  

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so here i am FINALLY talking about my cs experience(was too depressed uptil now even to talk about it). i took it at philly on 28th june. my circumstances were not good, lost my mentor (my strongest LOR writer)to a car accident two days before, BIGTIME family health issues with both parents(end stage diseases), slept only two hrs the night before the exam and was literally living on coffee on that day and praying that i get through the exam AWAKE!!etc etc. but i was so desperate for this yrs match that i still went for it. the result says i was excellent at spoken english, on borderline and above it by quite a margin in ice and other stuff. and yes, its the dreaded CIS. im on borderline, actually three band points short of passing, talk about bad luck in containers.

just a little background: im an img, recent grad, a 99 on step1, 253, and now preparing for step2ck. im finding it difficult to concentrate on Ck. planned to take it in early august( thats when the dreaded result came and shattered my confidence and my hopes and dreams with it), and now have pushed it to october thinking i have to push myself to the limits now to get a decent program.

i did all the basic stuff, my cases were vague in the sense that three came for HTN follow up but when i went in, i found out one was doing fine, other had impotence, and the other had dizziness. i was toooo tired to remember councelling in half of the cases. i made my own notes and stuff, wich worked cuz i passed the clinical and patient note stuff.i studyed for two weeks, but didnt practice.

yes, i didnt smile enough, may be cuz of all the stuff that surrounded me before the exam, and lack of sleep on exam day. i knocked, introduced, draped etc, may be i was too robotic?

for all of you guys out there,
i have two things to ask, analysis+criticism and how this failure affects the interviews. will my explaining of my circumstances be of any help at the interviews?for i dont want to fail it again.
and one thing to give, my CS experience.

wishing you all the very best of luck and a prosperous future!


seems like the elevator to my success is broke, and i have to take the stairs afterall.


Hey dont take it too hard. You've got an awesome score on step 1 . Brace yourself up for ck and do equally well , and see if you can get an early date for cs .
The harder you struggle, the sweeter the success is. All the best . Lets fight harder from now on. God bless you.


hi, I dont want to call you csfailure, you are a winner!!! it is ok... some time we are so focus in our dreams that we forget we don't have the power, God does.

I failed to, and I'm not going to be able to make it for this match...and is ok. i failed in english and did good in the others, and I'm not that bad, I was very scared and some times I didn't find what to say. I have to improve my english, to be confident and practice before take it againg.

you just need focus and practice, you can do it in 2-3 weeks! and still make it for this match. but if you have to wait until the next year.... take your time, be with your parents, that is more important now.

I hope you get better.


Thank you Elizabeth, and thank you Polish for the words of encouragement. yea, im trying to spend time with family now. CS will be done sometime soon, but after i get bettersmiling face

elizabeth, yes, dont you worry too. try watching a lot of movies, that sure will help. and may be try picking a friend as your english scapegoat, if you know what i mean,lol.

and usmlegladiator!, il try and get you ur stuff soon.

God bless!


all the best my friend one thing for sure if ur trying after all this
in the end u will find a good residency spot for urself


Sorry to hear about all that happened to you. I know things will get better. You are obviously very intelligent and am sure the one thing residency directors will wonder is what happened because you had good scores in step 1. They will give you an opportunity to explain what happened. If i was a residency director i would not hesitate to take you in.

All the best in my prayers


Sorry to hear all ,dont worry....make new written plan,read positive quotes,exercise ,read other peoples advice and again get down to it,Be STRONG


Thank you Puma, and vijay1900 and dr pankajsharma and polish and elizabethzt for all the encouragement. the good news is my ck, 252/99. CS here i come once againsmiling face


wow what a comeback...ur a winner ....after all that.....wish u all the best for ur future...


Don't call yourself a failure as you haven't tgiven up trying. You scored highest in step 1. So you can definitely achieve flying colors in step2ck+cs. Dont be dishearted buddy. Everytime you fall down it makes you become more stronger..thats God's plan to give his favourites more strength. Think about your step 1 scores whenever you feel dejected. All the best!!


Inspirational stuff ! Go man Go for it....

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