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 is metapyrone test useless?  

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I don't know why metapyrone test is used. I think it is completely useless test, because:

we can detect the ACTH and cortisol levels without any test.

If pituitary dysfunction: ACTH down, cortisol down
If adrenal dysfunction: ACTH up, cortisol down,
If hyperpituitarism: ACTH up, cortisol up,
If adrenal hyperfunction: ACTH down, cortisol up.

Anyone can explain why bother using this test? Appreciate it!


hey this is not a really useful test.. and it is not included in the diagnostic work upof cushings.. but what u have mentioned is just the primary tests.. these values wont help in D/Ds like if its a ectopic ACTH or a pit tumor.. for that u need low and high dose dexa suppression tests and few others that are included in the standard work up..
metyrapone test distinguishes ectopic ACTH from a pit tumor.. but this has a lot of fallacies..
high dose dexa suppression test can differentiate b/w the two and is quite accurate..
i hope i made my point clear..


thank you, a3112 for your reply.

I agree with everything you said except that"metyrapone test distinguishes ectopic ACTH from a pit tumor..". I don't know how metyrapone test distinguishes these two.


ok.. i will try to explain this..
metyrapone is 11-b hydroxylase inhibitor.. that is it wil block the reaction 11 deoxy cortisol ----> cortisol.. so cortisol decreases in blood -----> inc ACTH
this is normal response or in case of a pit adenoma..
but in ectopic ACTH prod ----> HPA axis is already suppressed by the large amounts of ACTH in blood.. so no further increase in ACTH in response to metyrapone..
its a bit confusing.. but i tried to make it as simple as possible..
but still this is not useful coz of lots of false results.. i hope this helps..

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