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 anybody has similar experience  

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i am so confused about my performance i did uw get a score of round 70% and kaplan q bank around 80% both were timed unused when i took nbme i got 420 (196)
my exam is on 18th i am really confused and wondering wot to do


did you do random or topic-wise questions in the qbanks?


actually i did topicwise


thats kinda trap. when you do topic wise your mind gets tuned to that particular topic and subconsciously it gets easy to choose the answer. although, i don't think this is exclusively the reason for your unsatisfactory NBME performance.


Due to my exoerience NBME scores are very good predictors of the real exam scores , so honestly you should expect a score around 196 in real exam .If you think it is not an appropriate score for you , postpone the exam.

Also there is always a bias :

many students have seen many UW questions before ; discussions in this forum or ...Also for Kaplan Q bank it has a lot of stuff form Kaplan LN so when you take UW or Kaplan Q banks the stuff are not that much new for you . But in real exam or NBME the story is completely different , the questions are always new although not anything more than the core concepts of UW or Kaplan LN.

I think you have not understood UW questions and the answers well , maybe just memorizing.Postpone your exam and do it once again .

Have a good luck


mikky wrote:
hey becky nbme scores may not b predictive all the time...i had a score of 68 in uw nd scored 250 in nbme 2...actual score was 97/235...

i have a friend who scored 92 in nbme and ended up with 99 in the its upto u to make the choice...

But by 196 , he/she shouldn't ecpect to get >90 .even if you take into account the bias and standard devoation then by no means 196 is a low score.

the SD of NBME and real exam is around 6 , and 95% confidence intrval for 235 and 250 overlap to some extent , although with low probability.

I'm a frank person ; becky I highly advise you to postpone because 196 is low for even non-competetive matches Also accidents always happen , so while NBME of 92 ended in 99 in real exam , doesn't mean it's going to happen again.


mikky wrote:
well nightflight i respect ur opinion...but as far as my exp goes postponing exams wont do any good....

I agree to some extent . It depends on him/her .

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