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 difference between pheochromocytoma & neurobastoma?  

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What is the difference between pheochromocytoma & neurobastoma?


Totally different diseases. Pheochromocytoma is a tumor of the adrenal glands that often produces catecholamines. Neuroblastoma is a different tumor.



Actually, these are almost identical CA, only in different locations. They both produce excess catecholamines, and are both diagnosed using the same urine tests (VMA, metanephrines). A neuroblastoma will present usually as a mass, that may compress something (i.e. vena cava) and with sympathoplegic symptoms.


they are both tumors of adrenal medulla;
pheochromocytoma: -benign tumor, usually seen in adults
neuroblastoma: malignant tumor (its origin is in the neural crests), one of the most common malignancies in children.

both have almost the same symptoms, based on the hypersecretion of cathecolamines.

thats the least i can come up with now...

all the best smiling face


i bet you know pheochromocytoma!?! not are all benign though.. 10% are malignant. usually presents as EPISODIC HYPERTENSION.

Neuroblastoma on the other hand can be tumor of adrenal medulla but can also arise from any other site which contains neural tissue Does NOT present as episodic hypertension and usually occurs in children. and usually picked up by plane x-ray initially coz of calcifications. Associated with N-myc oncogene amplification, and also presents with increased urinary metabolites eg. VMA. so just see neuroblastoma as a possibility if you see a child with hypertension and on x-ray there is a mass with calcifications in it.
take care

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