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I ve been forum for a couple of weeks i think. But i owe this forum alot. Below r certain selected questions that i got in my emails etc , i have pasted them here for help of all..


hope this helps

Q1.Is doing UWorld Subjectwise any disadvantage?I heard many people say that-Since the questions which appear on Final are Mixed.

Q2.This may seem to be a crazy question,but Was Rapid Review enough for Step 1.Since the book seems to be a concised version of previous Goljan Books like STAR version?

A. i did uworld subjectwise tutorial mode for first 60% , but then started over with timed/mixed /random mode.. it all depends on ur mood actually.. do it as u want.. but tutorial mode gives us alot to learn and teaches us how to approach a qs without time limits , and this is actually helpful.. so dont worry , go subjectwise..
additionally i kept kaplan book open along of that subject i was doing in uworld.. revise the whole concept from kaplan book after u read explanation of qs from uworld..helps alot

well well well , rapid review is actually a big ocean of knowledge , its in no way an incomplete book of pathology, has same stuff as stars review , but with slides and has the text in spaced out manner. i cant really say which one is better as its all personal opinion , but what made me chose rapid review was - its new ( stars review is not updated since many years) , spaced out matter in points (helps in revision , has space to add uworld stuff) , has slides .
and lastly , i ve not been an avid reader of forums , i ve been an active member.. what do u say?

Q did u have ct/ mri on ur exam? and frm where did u prepare for them??

Q congrats ! great score. cing the other posts u made i wished u get a very good score.u deserved it.
could u pls tell how were the audio visual qs ,slides ,cts ,mri's
which book or link did u find useful to learn those.
thanks! in advance.

A. I had one audio visual qs , and it was hard. but i dint really care as its jus one qs out of 336 qs. i still dont know what was the answer to that qs. but almost always the qs involves auscultation of heart

ct/mri/gross specimens - i got alot of them , especially neuro (well expected) . but i used 'webpath' for neuroanatomy , jus 3 days before exam , and it helped me alot , exam specimens and scans were as close as the ones in webpath

Q.hey... congrats......
i wanted is it ok if we dont see videos only read books....
i have seen only behav science videos n goljan audios..

no big deal buddy.. if u r short of time , u can compromise on videos. in fact if u understand everything in book , u dont need to see any videos other than behavioral and goljan audios. u r on right track.. i had problems with anatomy , genetics , neuroanatomy particularly , so listened to videos

Q.a lot of congrats and good luk for ur nxt exm........tat really a gr8 score......can u help me in this ...... i hv downloaded all usmle world 2007-2008 should i solve it from this stuff or still subscribe it for 2 months as u did.....

A.i had download versions of many qbanks .. but lemme tell , subscription is necessary for boosting ur scores and knowledge levels.. unless u r money matters r not a big issue , subscription is strongly recommended

Q.well my exam is in nov..leaves me with 3 months now. i hav just completed my first read yet and that too without any video lectures (had taken the date in a hurry..).. am i going too slow. 2nd reading will surely take at least 1 month and 1.5 month for u the end only 15 days will be left for final the time distribution appropriate and sufficient?? am reading only kaplans and golzan.

A.well i think rest everything is good in ur schedule except that uworld for 1.5 months.. coz normally people take atleast 2 months to finish usmleworld (i took 2 and half though , and still couldnt finish .. so if u r a slow reader like me , plan uworld cautiously , it has alot of knowledge and stuff to read in its explanations

Q,well sir u did really well....... smiling face

can u tell me hw mny ques one shd gt correct per slot to get such an awesome score.......??

n one more thin is it dat necessary to listen goljan audios..??

waitin 4 ur reply..... congrats agan....!!! u did gr8.....

A .well about qs /block , no one can ever give u perfect idea.. coz i was gettin around 35-40 correct in usmleworld /block , and 42-46/block in nbmes and usmle cd..
rather than aiming at qs u should get correct/block u should aim at perfect score , and that can be done by assessing urself with nbmes.. and no one knows how they score..

about goljan audios - its not a necessity , people have got 99 without goljan audios too , but they r recommended

Q.sir.. i hve usmle world offline... so.. does it diifer from the online one.. expect the timing n stuff... i mean the explanation and all.. so still should i take it for 2 months or 1 month?... thx.....
A.offline and online usmleworld has same qs and explanations , no difference in content..

A. i d recommend 2 month subscription , coz uworld's explanations r long and full of high yield stuff , we shouldnt underestimate that

Q.One more think, people always ask about the assessment to predict usmle score
-NBME 1-4, and now 5 and 6
-UW assessment
-Kaplan assessment

Which one is the single best for online if you can not afford all?

GL and thanks for your constant help.

A.About self assessment

this is my recommendation of today - nbme5 and 6 r best for the assessment. exam questions resemble these the most and they r new concepts , and some exam questions r total copy paste from these nbmes.. preferably do both online , if not , pick anyone of these 2.. others r also good , give fairly good assessment , but chances of repeated concepts or questions on real exam will be comparatively remote..
do nbmes ( any number , offline/online) before last one week.. during last one week , there r following problems with doing nbme - u can get shattered if u score low , secondly nbme dont make u learn much , doing forms makes u waste whole day when time is most important..
on the contrary , if u have bought uworld assessment exam , its best to do in last few days before exam, because it not only assesses , but also gives u explanations - so in a way u r paid back with a lot of knowledge for the day u wasted..
kaplan assessment exam - i dint do it , and i have no idea. but i ll rate it lower than nbme and UWSA


Hey. thanx. nice compilation.


thanks for that review, and congrats on ur great score. i have one question...i registered for the step and all that but i was never sent that USMLE CD that people keep talking about. how do i get it?


gr8 stuffnodnod

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