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why are there spherocytes in newborn who has hemolysis?

thank you for explaining!


i guess neonate who has spherocytosis will develop hemolysis rather than having hemolysis first and then developing spherocytosis, hehe.

and in spherocytosis RBCs have lost their ability to squeeze through small vessels/ capillaries so they get damaged and taken up by macrophages or other forms of hemolysis.

again sphere has the least surface area in any of the possible geometrical shapes.


ya i also think there is hemolysis due to heridatory spherocytosis


As I read, some web says: It is due to autoimmune hemolysis that induced spherocytes, not due to inderitance. I don't know the mechanisms, though.

Thanks for replying.


2 situations

One there is Hereditary Spherocytosis which has spherocytes due to an intrinsic defect

Two there is an ABO Hemolytic disease of the Newborn. In which the neonatal RBCs get coated with anti AB IgG antibodies coming in from the Maternal plasma and then Fetal Splenic macrophages bite them off resulting in loss of the shape of RBC.
In RH HDN the macrophages eat the entire RBC therefore there is no spherocytosis.

Thus any disease which has macrophages removing a part of the RBC will result in the formation of Spherocytes.

Moi 2 cents


causes of spherocitosis
heridetary hemolytic anemianod
heridetary spherocitosisnod


thanks, guys.

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