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 Match Collection Thread  

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2009 Match Support

Feedback from those who matched in 2008

2008 Match Support

2007 Match Support

2006 Match Support

How many programs are going to apply to? (POLL)

Questions ... on Interview Day

Dress Code ... on Interview Day

Interview ... General Tips and Advice

Personal Statement ... Guide

Personal Statement ... Warning

Why Do Applicants Accept Prematch?

FAQ on Prelim. and Cat. Match Options

How To Scramble? step-by-step

Scarmble ... General Tips and Advice

LOR ... Tips

General Q and A on Match

If you have any suggestions to add to the list, please let us know. Good luck to all.

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nice collection



Since people will now start working on/planning for visas, I thought a couple of threads with info about visas are relevant here:

Good luck, all.

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