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 acid base  

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A 66 year old male has a cardiopulmonary arrest, and is transported to the hospital by paramedics. The date shown below are derived from an arterial blood sample obtained upon admission.
Plasma pH = 7.09
Plasma Bicarb = 15 mEq/L
Arterial Carbon Dioxide = 50 mmHg
What type of acid base abnormality is pressent in this man?

A) Metabolic acidosis
B) Metabolic alkalosis
C) Mixed acidosis
D) Mixed alkalosis
E) Respiratory acidosis
F) Respiratory alkalosis


C - cardiopulmonary arrest is a mixed acidosis.




I don't understand why it is mixed. Can you explain? I got the metabolic acidosis part....why respiratory acidosis?


"Quinn" wrote:
... why respiratory acidosis?

Patient in cardio-pulmonary arrest, he is not breathing, the partial pressure of CO2 rises.


I see this question coming straight from Q Bank.


PH 7.09 Acidosis (7.4)
Plasma Bicar 15 mE/L Met acidosis (23-29)
Arterial CO2 50mmhg Resp Acidosis

Mixed acidosis.


This question was actually asked to me by a friend, if it is indeed from qbank, i apologize as i was not aware, since qbank is copyrighted.

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