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 Radiology applicants for 2009 match  

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OK, I think we should get it going now. I know it's a bit early on, but why not starting the thread now.


I'll apply...


i might apply ..coz i have some USCE in radiology..but i dont know what will be my chances..confused

my major focus is neuro tho..

All the best guys..!!!


OK great. We should gather to exchange experiences/ideas. I still need to take CK which is scheduled for mid-August, so results should get back on time for 1st week of September. Good luck to all of us!


ganesha, are you applying to both neuro and radio?

I thought about that as well, but I decided to try hard for neuro this year and if it doesn't work at least i'll have the prelim year as backup.


exactly my thots vegache.. me too.!!!! all the best for c.k..!!!smiling face



Are you guys done with all your steps?


yes...long time back...I applied last year to medicine...went unmatched...why not try radiology this year...


rafay277, nice that you have all steps done, but sorry about being unmatched last year. Could you get a prelim spot? Any reasons you think you went unmatched?


Well I don't have an answer to why I went unmatched..........I didn't apply to radiology last year.
This year after the match I fortunately got some research in Ultrasound, thats why I am trying radiology.....but it is damn competitive for IMGs...last year only 38 non -US imgs matched in the whole that really is tough.......


I know I totally agree it's really hard for IMGs to match. I'm sure your ultrasound research will help you lot in getting interviews. I also took a look at the NRMP data and saw those IMGs who matched. However, the number I didn't see was how many applied. I think not many IMGs apply to radiology. But I'm saying this just based on what I hear from other applicants. Any idea of how many applied or the matched/unmatched ratio? I definitely know of one IMG who matched at Hopkins!


I don't meet many people who applied for radiology.....when i say radiology...only answer I get is that you are out of your senses.......I know a person who matched at hospital in fact you can find his posts on this forum by the name of adeelmd....


its not impossible..but its damn difficult.. the ones who match either have great USCE/research , connections in the hospitals or are US citizens . for the rest of us..its a great gamble... nod
all the best guys..!!!


good work..guys...count me in too...i guess not many fmgs apply bec of bleak chances of matching...but we should give it a try...
so can anyone give a list of fmg friendly programs to apply to...



welcome aboard! I don't think there is a list of those programs. If you surf around websites you'll bump into programs which usually take 1 or even 2 IMGs per year. It's really interesting, but most of these programs are actually the more academic and well known places. For example, Baylor, Hopkins, MGH, MIR, among others... all of these places have been taken IMGs. On the other hand, you look into many low tier or even community hospitals, and hardly you'll find IMGs.

  #16 was actually thinking that average programs would rather prefer imgs ...well how many programs in radiology r u planning to apply...



I'm planning to apply to around 40-50 programs. I'm also applying to probably 20-30 prelim spots.


Can every body tell their credentials...........I wonder if I have a chance but am planning to try....
My Credentials are IMG with GC, 2007 graduate,Step1 95/227 ,Step2 CK 99/251 and 1 attempt on Step2 CS with no research or USCE in Radiology, no US lors...except for some research in Anesthesia ...may get a lor from them......Do i have any chances please give me a frank opinion

  #19 credentials step 1 98,step2 95..cs yet in september,gc...i hav one us lor that too in resarch...nothing....regarding chances ....frankly i don't know....what i guess is atleast i m going to apply to a few programs,to give it a i guess if statistics show 38 fmgs matched in radiology,they probably had excellent credentials esp with research nd lors..


My credentials;

Step 1 99/99, passed CS (1st attempt), several publications, LORs from US radiologists.

I don't think anyone will be able to tell who has a chance or not. I think we should just all try. Congrats for your good scores on the tests!

Edited by vegache on Jul 18, 2010 - 10:12 AM

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