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 Psychiatry Programs and Criteria  

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does univ of Mississippi require 2 yrs of USCE???!!!!


hey innocent devil....Applicants must have a permanent visa or be a US citizen in order to qualify for residency training in the MSU Psychiatry Residency program


Hi fleur.Are you sure u of cinncinati requires 6 mths usce?


Nice to see that the thread is picking up some steam!!nod

Fleur: Here is what I have on the programs that you mentioned..

University of Cincinnati - Spoke with the coordinator: sponsor J1 only, scores >200, USCE is *mandatory* (6 months), 5 year graduation cut off

Virginia Commonwealth- Yes that's what they say on their web site... 3 months of USCE which excludes observerships

University of Mississipi- Reply to my email: offer J1 only, *prefer* 2 years USCE (not mandatory)


Dear Applicant: Thank you for your interest in our program. We will be accepting applications through ERAS and/or paper/electronic applications. However, we do not participate in the MATCH. You can learn more about the program at:]Requirements for our Program are:[/u]


Requirements for our Program are: 1. USMLE Passed Step I, II, II (clinical skills) and strongly prefer candidates with Step III. 2. Valid ECFMG Certificate 3. Accredited Medical School – no more than 10 years since date of graduation 4. Citizen or Permanent Resident – We don’t sponsor any type of visas


5. Average score of 80 and above preferred. Please forward a universal application. You may obtain an application at: Also, please send copies of the following: 1. Copy of medical school diploma with notarized translation where appropriate. 2. Copy of medical school transcript with a notarized English translation, where appropriate. 3. Curriculum vitae. 4. USMLE Scores


5. Two letters of references from immediate supervisors in internship, residency program or medical school. 6. Reference letter from supervisor in current position if presently employed. 7. US Citizenship or permanent Immigrant Status is necessary (copies). 8. Brief biological sketch, typewritten. 9. Copy of driver’s license and social security card. 10. Any other supportive documentation you think might benefit, such as county medical society membership, etc. Our Training Council Committee reviews all applications. Applicants selected for an interview will be called to schedule an appointment. Interviewing will begin in late October or early November. Please submit application as soon as possible. Thank you. Pankaj R. Patel, M.D. Acting Chairman Training Director of Psychiatry New York Medical College(Richmond) Program Phone 718-818-4112/Fax: 718-818-4671 E Mail Address: [email protected]


I would like to know the following details-

1) Does your program sponsor H1B/j1 VISAS for imgs? J1

2) What is your minimum Usmle score requirement? 188-200… will allow for 1 failure overall

3) Do you prefer candidates who have passed step3? Preferred but is required to be taken AND PASSED upon PGY II year- must sit for Step III Dec of resident PGYII year, no exceptions.

4)Do you offer positions outside the match(prematch)? no

5)Do you require United States Clinical Experience? Preferred

Above Criteria for Louisiana/Alton Oschner Foundation Program


Criteria for Baystate Medical centre

1) Does your program sponsor H1B/j1 VISAS for imgs? We sponsor J-1 visas. H1’s are considered on a case by case basis and need the approval of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs.

2) What is your minimum Usmle score requirement? We generally look for a raw score of greater than 200

3) Do you prefer candidates who have passed step3? Institutional policy states that USMLE 3 must be passed by the end of the 2nd year of training.

4)Do you offer positions outside the match(prematch)? We prefer to take applicants through the match.

5)Do you require United States Clinical Experience? Not necessarily, however, each applicants CV will be reviewed and considered on its individual merit.


guys any idea abt case medical,cleveland ohio


dear friend..two question

1)Can we apply to prog which says J1 accepted.(eloborate if u have detail)

2) Can we apply to illinoi prog without having 4 weeks of med school internship .I have 2 weeks.Can USCE cover up those 2 weeks...ANy idea.

plz reply..


hey guys i have a q... if a program says it doesn sponsor visa can we still apply considerin the j1 sponsored by ecfmg?some say such programs are not fmg friendly or an indirect way of sayin that they don't accept FMGs... any idea??


I am in the same predicament fleur . there are programs who have almost 100 % IMG but say don't sponsor visas ...could they ALL be green card holders ???


can anyone tell abt mobile alabama progrm??


Kisna: Univesity of South Alabama Program (Mobile, Alabama) info based on my call to their coordinator back in June

- University Based; sponsor J1 and H1 visas, no score cut offs nor graduation cut offs (says on the website priority will be given to applicants who score > 85 on Steps 1 and 2 as well as those who have passed Step 3); 4 PGY1 positions offered.

I think we could go for programs that say they do not sponsor but accept ECFMG sponsored J1 visas. However if they say flat out that they do not sponsor visas or require proof of US citizenship/permanent resident status I would definitely strike that program from my list.

My 2 cents. smiling face


hey guys does any1 know about Howard, u of Mississippi,Minnesota and Delaware psych centre?? I had emailed them but received no reply.. sad


Hi Fleur! I've emailed and called Delaware Psychiatric Center a number of times, still have not received any replies.

Howard University in D.C. - Called them: sponsor J1 and H1, no score or graduation cut offs, no USCE required. I'm not sure if they have any IMGs in their program though.

University of Mississipi in Jackson - Email reply: offer J1 only, must be ECFMG certified, no score cut offs, prefer 2 years USCE, 7 positions to offer this year.

Were you looking for University of Minnesota's requirements? They have a pretty detailed checklist on their website. smiling face


any idea about....austen riggs and baystate/tufts massachessettes?


I think Austen Riggs is only for PGY4 or smth like that .
Tufts says no score cut offs , no year of graduation , USCE required , accepts J1

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