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 Psychiatry Programs and Criteria  

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@ calmlake , I have posted East Tenn is posted on #117nod


opardon the grammar...God alone knows wat i was thinking when i typed all that horrid english!!!!!rolling eyes


Thanks smit.I too received the same e-mail but it doesnt say whether they r sponsoring any visa or not.Guess will have to call them up.disapproval


@calmlake...please do post here if you know whether they sponsor or not! smiling face

Thank you for your interest in the Psychiatry Residency Training Program
at the University of Kansas Medical Center. We accept applications
through ERAS only.

Our application requirements are as follows:

--You must have passed Steps 1 and 2 of the USMLE. While we do not have
minimum score requirements on the USMLE, we do not consider applications
from those who have more than three (3) attempts on either one.

--If you are an international graduate, you must have a current, valid
ECFMG Certificate.

--International citizens who have graduated from medical school must be
sponsored by the ECFMG for the J-1 nonimmigrant visa classification and
have valid ECFMG certification.

--US clinical experience in psychiatry is preferred.

--You must have graduated from medical school within the last ten (10)

We no longer have printed brochures, so please refer to our website at for more information on our residency programs,
application process and the institution's policy on eligibility.

Thank you again for your interest.

Stacy Buckley
Residency Program Coordinator
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
The University of Kansas Medical Center


Thanks for posting Smit!

Has anyone heard from Delaware Psychiatric Center? I've emailed the program a couple of times, left voice messages..still have not gotten any replies. shaking head


Thank you for your interest in our program at East Tennessee State University James H. Quillen College of Medicine, Johnson City, Tennessee.

Residency Applicants can apply through the ERAS on-line system beginning September 1st.  
The deadline for application submission is January 15.   

A completed application consists of the following:

 �       On-line ERAS application (no paper please)
�        Personal Statement
�        Curriculum Vitae
�        Three letters of reference
�        Dean's Letter
�        USMLE Scores steps 1 & 2

If you are an International Medical Graduate:

We accept the J1 or H1B visa on a case by case basis and you will need your ECFMG certification. Psychiatry clinical experience is helpful but not required. This does NOT include observerships or research experience.

We take an overall look at all of our applicants so we do not have a score requirement.  Please note we cannot estimate your chances since the selection process is determined by a recruitment committee decision process.  Interviews at ETSU Department of Psychiatry General and Combined Medicine-Psychiatry Programs are by invitation only.  The interview season begins in October and is completed by the end of January.  We have 5 general and 2 Med/Psych PGY 1 positions available through the match. 

For a detailed description of our program please go to
Graduate Medical Education website can be viewed and go to College of Medicine

Thank you for your interest in our program!

Hetal K. Brahmbhatt, M.D.
Program Directorgringrin


No information yet on
1)boston uni
3)Lsu and lsmu
8)U of tennesee
Virginia common wealth
11)Med coll of wiconsin & affilliated prog.
12)nymc richmond

Innocent devil and all other members plz post if u have details.sadsad


The University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry residency training
program does accept international medical graduates with current J-1
visas. We are unable to sponsor visas. Applicants must have passed
their USMLE Step 1 within 3 attempts. Our matched applicants last year
had an average score of 211. You must also have completed a one month
clinical rotation in the United States; it does not have to be in the
area of psychiatry.

In order to apply to our training program, you must first contact the
ECFMG to obtain a certificate and then you would need to apply to our
program via the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). I’ve
also included a link below to the Psychiatry Residency homepage so that
you can learn more about our training program. (link to ECFMG website) (link to ERAS) (link to
UM Psychiatry Residency)

In answer to your other question, we do not offer pre-match positions.

I hope you find this information helpful.


IT SAYS they accept people with surrent J1 visas & they dont sponsor visas.Does that mean they dont sponsor j1(& expect ecfmg to sponsor it) or they just dont accept anybody without a current j1 visa!shaking headshaking headshaking head


Dear Applicant:

Thank you for your interest in our Psychiatry program. Due to the volume of inquiries it has become necessary to resort to a standardized information letter.

The Psychiatry Residency at the Medical College of Wisconsin accepts applications through ERAS. For more information regarding ERAS, please see

We do consider and accept qualified IMG doctors. We review a number of items on the application. Successful applicants to our program often have USMLE scores above 200 and have passed on their first attempt. We also look at prior psychiatric experience at the residency level and evidence of a command of the English language. Evidence of a passion for a career in psychiatry and a social conscience are also valued. There are no absolute cut off points, but these are factors we consider in reviewing the hundreds of applications we receive each year. There are some specific requirements listed below. After the entire application is reviewed, and, based on the application's merit, an applicant would be selected to interview for our program.

For application to our program, we require via ERAS:

* Application

* 3 letters of recommendation

* Dean's letter

* Transcripts

* Personal statement or letter of intent

* CV

* USMLE Step I and Step II transcripts

* We accept J-1 and H-1 visas ( if this applies)

* Any incoming housestaff who want to apply for an H-1B visa need to have their Step 3 results by April 15th

Our department does not routinely offer observership, externships or pre-match positions.

We expect to start the interviewing process for 2009-2010 academic year in November.

Thanks you again for your interest and if you have any questions, please e-mail me at [email protected].



Jean M. Witte
Residency Education
Department of Psychiatry
Medical College of Wisconsin
8701 Watertown Plank Road
Milwaukee, WI 53226
Office: 414-955-8998


Boston university(By Phone)-j1,6mths us externship.madmadmadmad


U of tennesee-Does not sponsor visas is what she said on phone.Anybody have any other information.madmad


Still looking for umdnj pisctaway,delaware,harlem,brown,nwu-mcgraw hill,howard.
Come on guys the forum is for give and take.Look at last years psych forum.It was so active.We need to do the same.Where is everybody?


Hi Calmlake! I've been silently observering the forums lately..decided I need to take a step back from the entire match process for a few days. It hasn't even started and yet I feel so tired and frustrated..I guess everybody goes through this at some point during the matchshaking head. I do try and stay postive though, looking forward to next week and get the applying over with.

Here's info that I have on the programs you have mentioned. I do urge you to reconfirm for your own peace of mind of course nod

1. UMDNJ Piscataway - Sent several emails..replied via email after I spoke with the coordinator on the phone. Details (from email): sponsor J1 only, like to see scores above 80 but this is not a requirement, if more than 5 years since graduation must have previous experience in Psychiatry or medicine, not necessary to have prior USCE but it helps. It's a University based program which offers 6 PGY1 positions per year.

2. Brown University, Providence RI - Did not reply to my emails so I called and spoke with the coordinator. Details: sponsor J1 only, require USMLE scores of 80s and above, require USCE.

3. McGaw NWU. - Emailed twice but did not reply so I called them and spoke with the coordinator. Details: sponsor J1 visa only, no score cut offs or graduation cut offs, no USCE required. They offer 8 PGY1 positions per year, University based program.

Hope this helps Calmlake smiling face


Hi Xanthine.Thanks a lot.I too tried calling the above programs and left messages but no reply.
Yes,its natural too feel the match pressure but the best way i feel to avoid it is too keep yourself occupied with something.Ive started going to a psychiatrists office here in India.At least it keeps me occupied..But in the end neither of us know where we r going to get interviews and match.All we can do is just enjoy the process.nodnod

I hope im not being too philosophical but its the truth.wink


any info abt NY programs like

lincoln medical,albert einstein beth israel and bronx ,st luke,s rosevelt..


Hello from the Department of Psychiatry Residency Training Program of MetroHealth Medical Center

Thank you for your interest in our program. I know you have many questions and concerns regarding our program and hope that you visit our website as well as reviewing information supplied on this letter. Our website is We look forward to reviewing your information via ERAS-2009.

One question we are asked is regarding a certain cut off for year of medical school graduation.
<=to 5 years graduation. If over the 5 years we do review reasons why you are not in a training program and what you have been involved in over the past years..

Another question asked is USMLE test scores.
We do require a score =>80.

Another question asked is if a background involving volunteering, observerships, or research in the field of psychiatry is necessary.
We look at the application as a “whole” and take everything into consideration. It helps to have some background or exposure to the field of psychiatry but does not rule out an applicant if they do not.

What type of visa do we sponsor?

At the present time we sponsor J1 and H1 visas.

I hope this helps you in determining if you wish to pursue our program or not.

The interviewing season is an extremely busy time and I cannot guarantee a return call if you had placed one already. Email is the best way to contact me. Thank you and good luck with the upcoming application/interview season.

Celia Lewandowski
Program Coordinator
Department of Psychiatry
Residency Training Program


HI Calmlake! That's very sensible advice right there, thank you! nod I did step away for a few days and tried to destress. Played a lot of Rockband and Guitar Hero grin Today though it's back to reality and back to final editing of PS, CAF/CV, and my programs list. shocked Hehe.

If you call Beth Israel's number you'll actually get the criteria from their voicemail. Here's what it says: sponsor J1 visa (applicant pays for all fees, be ready by June 20th), require at least 1 year Psych experience following medical schoool and at least an 80 for step 1 and 2 on the first attempt.

Albert Einstein at Bronx-Lebanon's email reply read: *prefer not to sponsor visas*, prefer green card holders and US citizens; no graduation cut off, USCE is desirable. I called them to confirm if in some instances they do sponsor visas...coordinator seemed irritated by my question and eventually wount up telling me that they have enough applicants that are green card holders and US citizens. confused


dR UAS-Lincoln health called them-No requirements.Sponsor visa
St lukes-They have given all criteria on their website.


hey guys... joined this forum today... thought i shud share whatever info i have abt the prog criteria...
Univ of Cincinnati:emailed-no reply.So i called them..
they need-scores above 200,graduation within 5 yrs,J1 visa only but 6 months USCE mandatory sad


Virginia Commonwealth University Health System:requires 3 mon USCE ,3 US lors

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