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 Psychiatry Programs and Criteria  

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Pitt County Memorial Hospital/East Carolina University Programmadmadmad

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Are all applications accepted through ERAS, or may I send a paper application?
Beginning September 2008 we will be accepting applications for psychiatry residency training (PGY1) through ERAS (Electronic Residency Application Service) only.

What is your deadline for accepting application?
All applications should be received by November 30, 2008

How many letters of recommendation do you require?
Three letters of recommendation
1. Dean of Students of the medical school.
2. Faculty member of medical school and/or hospital staff.
3. Faculty member of psychiatry department in medical school or hospital.

Does your hospital sponsor H1/J1 visas for IMGs?
International medical graduates must be a US citizen, permanent resident or be eligible for a
J-1 visa. (Our institution does not sponsor H1 visas)
Also required is a valid and renewable ECFMG certificate

What are the requirements of USMLE scores?
Minimum board score requirement is 75.

What are your requirements regarding work experience for IMGs?
At least one year clinical experience in the United States (Clinical research and observerships do qualify)madmadmadmad

How many PGY1 positions do you have each year?

Does your hospital offer Pre-match positions?
We cannot offer our 6 positions that are in our yearly quota outside the match. However, some exceptions do apply to that rule.

What percentage of your residents are international graduates?
Currently, 40% of our residents are international graduates.

Do you have a web page?
Yes, you may view information about our program at

When will you start interviewing?
The department Residency Selection Committee will begin interviewing approximately October 1st . You will be notified if you have been selected for an interview. The Department will be making its final decisions for the Match in mid February.

Do you have a policy of the maximum number of years for an applicant to be out of medical?
No. The number of years since graduation from medical school is important, however, other factors are considered, such as work history since medical school.


very nice worksticking out tongue


College of Medicine Mayo Clinic (Rochester) Programnodnod

Thank you very much for your interest in the adult psychiatry residency program at Mayo Clinic. You will find that many questions are answered on the Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education website ( which provides a wealth of information about Mayo training program in general. More detailed information about the adult residency is also available on the web (

In past years, we have commonly received more detailed questions from International Medical Graduates, such as:

1) Do you have a USMLE score requirement?
We accept all applications and will review all relevant data, but those with USMLE scores less than 200 are historically much less likely to be invited for an interview. USMLE transcripts must be included with your ERAS application. Because our program participates in the NRMP match, we do require that IMG candidates must be able to sit for the Step 2 CS PRIOR to December 31, 2008, in order to be considered for a position at Mayo in 2009.
2) Is there anything I can do to strengthen my application?
Generally speaking, the more recent your graduation from medical school, the better. If two candidates look quire similar but one graduated in 2005 and one in 2001, the 2005 graduate is more likely to get an interview invitation. We also like to see experience working in the United States prior to entering residency training but this is not a strict requirement. The preferred experience is active clinical work but other positions are also considered because they give candidates an opportunity to adjust to language and cultural differences.
3) Does Mayo or the State of Minnesota have any unique requirements?
The Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education requires that all residents be licensed by the end of their PGY-II year. In order to be licensed in Minnesota, state law requires that each step of the USMLE must be passed within three attempts and all must be taken with a 7-year period for MDs and 10 years for MD/PhDs. Therefore, if you have taken any one USMLE exam three or ore times without a passing score, you will not be eligible for licensure in Minnesota and your application cannot be considered. Please note that the Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education sponsors J-1 issued visas only. All steps in application for ECFMG certification must be completed before you submit your rank list in February 2009.
4) How are applications processed?
All applications are accepted through ERAS and must meet ERAS standards. We prefer to receive applications by November 1, 2008, but will review applications received through December 1, 2008. Interviews are by invitation only and will be conducted in November and December 2008.

Please let me know if I can provide you with any additional information.


Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center Programnodnodnod

1. We sponsor J-1 Visa2. We jusr require that you pass the USMLE3. There is no cut off time from graduation 4. We require ECFMG certification, not requied that step 3 is completed when you apply5. US clinical experience is helpful but not necessary6. Previous work experience is not required7. We do not offer prematch positions


University of North Carolina Hospitals Programmadmadmadmad

Thank you for your interest in the UNC General Psychiatry Residency Program. I am attaching our checklist for applicants, which, although in a different format, contains basically the same information that you found posted on our website ( ) in the letter to applicants from the administrator. Please read carefully and note that we participate in the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) and the Electronic Residency Application System (ERAS), both of which have links from our website. You may obtain information about current salaries and benefits at UNC Hospitals by clicking on the Office of Graduate Medical Education (OGME) link ( ).

The requirements for International Medical Graduates can be found on our website in the Letter to the Applicants from the Administrator. Specifically, our program does accept IMG residents. UNC Hospitals only accepts the ECFMG sponsored J-1 visa. We require that applicants not be away from medical school, observership/externship, or active practice for more than five years. We require that applicants be ECFMG certified by January 31st. We also require that IMG applicants have at least six months of US clinical experiencemadmadmad. Observerships and externships are included as US clinical experience, research is not. We do not offer prematch positions.

We will begin processing applications in the Fall 2008, will conduct interviews starting in November 2008, and continuing through January 2009. Please see that all application materials are submitted as early as possible, and no later than November 1, 2008.


Southern Illinois University Programnodnodnod

Thank you for your interest in the Southern Illinois University (SIU) School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry residency training program in Springfield, Illinois.

When reviewing applications, we look for USMLE (or COMLEX) scores of 80 or above. However, if your scores are lower than 80 and you have post-graduate training or experience in psychiatry, your application may still be considered. We require 3 letters of recommendation (at least one of which must be from a psychiatrist with whom you have worked clinically), Dean's letter, transcript and score reports. We only sponsor J-1 visas. We accept applications only through ERAS, and our application deadline is November 15. We will be interviewing November through January.

We do not require U.S. clinical experience and currently have no requirements regarding year of graduation or number of attempts on exams.

Please visit our website at If you have any further questions, please let me know.




1. Green card holder or U.S. citizenmadmadmad
2. USMLE 1,2, CSA and Step 3 highly desirable.
3. The Program does not have a specific score requirement however, the number of attempts are taken into consideration.
4. The Program offers pre-match positions on case-by-case bases.


Cleveland Clinic Foundation Programnodnod

The Cleveland Clinic sponsors H-1 as well as J-1 visas.
International Medical Graduates

• Graduate of accredited/approved medical school

• A valid E.C.F.M.G. Certificate

• Passing U.S.M.L.E. Scores for Part 1 & 2 -

• Pass Clinical Skills Exam Part III (if applicable)

• No gaps in training or practice.

• Have recent psychiatric clinical experience, preferably in the U.S.

• At least 2 strong letters of recommendation from Psychiatry faculty with whom the applicant has worked clinically


univeristy od toledonodnodnod

College of Medicine
Department of Psychiatry
General Division
Phone: (419) 383-5695 - Fax: (419) 383-3183



Only completed ERAS applications will be considered.

Completed ERAS applications will include the following essential information
in order for your application to be considered.

• Personal statement
• Three letters of recommendation from physicians (both US and/or foreign) dated within the past year. All letters must be on letterhead.
• Official transcript of medical school (must have registrar’s signature and seal)
• Dean’s letter
• Official USMLE transcripts – preferred candidates will be those with USMLE scores of 80 or greater on Step 1 and Step 2CS and Step 2 CK
• Passing of Step 3 is not required, but is preferred
• ECFMG Status Report – must be ECFMG certified at the time of application deadline – November 14, 2008
• Proficiency in written and spoken English
• Although US clinical experience is not required, it is preferred
• Program sponsors J-1 visa only. The University of Toledo Psychiatry Residency program does not sponsor any H1 visas.

We do not offer any externship or observership rotations in the
Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toledo.


Application cut off date: November 14, 2008


great work sadiq. gud luck bro


This is awsome.
You have done a great job.
Wish you best of luck for the match.


Thank you for your interest in our Psychiatry Residency Program. We have an exciting and competitive program that is designed to train physicians for the general practice of psychiatry, in either private practice or community settings. We also offer opportunities for further specialized training in Child Psychiatry, Geriatric Psychiatry, Addiction Psychiatry and Forensic Psychiatry.

Our application deadline is February 1, 2009. We will begin interviewing applicants on September 8, 2008 and will continue through February 6, 2009.

Our Recruitment committee meets weekly and evaluates each completed application. There is no specific requirement for scores on the USMLE but you must have passed Step 1 and both parts of Step 2. The committee invites a number of applicants to visit the program for interviews. Invitations are offered to those applicants who are being considered seriously for an available position.

The following is a list of requirements for our programs:

• National Resident Matching Program number

• Completed Application (through ERAS)

• Personal statement

• Three current letters of recommendation

• USMLE Step 1 and 2 (both parts)

• ECFMG certificate - International medical graduates must meet

ECFMG certification requirements

• USA Citizenship, Permanent Resident status or J-1 Visa

• US clinical experience, at least 6 months

Please visit our web page,

If you have any questions in regard to your application, please call our office at (813) 974-2388.


Kay Isaac

Education Coordinator

University of South Florida

Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine

3515 E. Fletcher Avenue, MDC 14, Tampa , FL 33613

Office: 813-974-2805 ~ Fax: 974-2478


Dear Applicant,
Thanks for your interest in our program. Please read the attached document for the requirements for applying. We go through the match. We do not solicit any information from the applicants directly. J-I is only for the very best. Step - III really increases your chance of getting an interview. We do not offer any externships. We welcome everyone including AMGs and FMGs.

Wishing you all the best,

Ed Simon.

Edwin K. Simon M.D.
Chair, CME Committee,
Assistant Professor,
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Assistant Professor
Division of Pulmonary Medicine
Department of Medicine
Chicago Medical School
Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science
3333 Green Bay Road,
N.Chicago, IL 60064

North Chicago, Illinois
All applications come through the Electronic Residency Application System (ERAS)
· USMLE Scores Requirements:
An average of 80 or above preferred for both Step 1 and Step 2 (CK) and
a passing score on Step 2 (CS). Must have passed Steps 1 and 2 (CK and CS),
with preference for applicants who have passed both steps on the first try (total
of 2 fails on both steps is the limit).
· Graduation from medical school within the past 5 years is preferred.
· Preference for continuity of medical experience after medical school
graduation (U.S. clinical experience preferred).
· Three letters of recommendation are required, with a minimum of one
from a psychiatrist.
· Thoughtful personal statement: must include preference for/interest
in psychiatry
· CV must be current, with no unexplained time gaps
· Foreign Medical Graduates must have obtained their ECFMG certificate
by March 15 (necessary to apply for temporary license in Illinois)
· We accept:
US Citizens
Permanent Residents (or holders of EAD card)
J1 Visas ONLY
· Deadline for application through ERAS: December 31st, 2008


Psychiatry Residency Program Requirements for Albany Medical Center:

1. Applications will only be accepted through ERAS.

2. We do not sponsor any visas. J-1 visas are accepted.

3. Minimum scores for USMLE's are 77% (mean). Priority is given to
applicants who have passed CSA.

4. Priority will be given to applicants who either practiced
Psychiatry in their home country or who obtained a neuroscience related
graduate degree or training in the neurosciences in this country.

5. The personal statement should be well written, demonstrate a
command of written English, and provide information regarding the
applicant's interest in Psychiatry.

6. A period of no longer than 10 years shall have elapsed since
graduation from medical school if not actively engaged in medical
practice or training.

We encourage you to visit the web site,, to learn more
about our area.

-Thank you for your interest.-


Thank you for your interest in our program at the Oregon Health & Sciences University

Residency Applicants can apply through the ERAS on-line system beginning September 1st. The deadline for application submission is December 1st.

A completed application consists of the following:

� On-line ERAS application (no paper applications will be accepted)

� Personal Statement

� Curriculum Vitae

� Three letters of reference

� Dean's Letter

� USMLE Scores steps 1 or COMLEX Part I scores

� Personal photograph (required if invited for interview)

If you are an International medical graduate in addition to the items listed above:

• ECFMG certificate
• Personal statement regarding background and interest in psychiatry
• Proof of possession of a J-1 visa

There is no minimum score requirement.
There is no medical school graduation date requirement.

The department does not sponsor H-1 visas. International medical graduates should contact the ECFMG, (215)386-5900, to obtain more information about the ERAS application process.

For a detailed list of training please visit our web site at: and Graduate Medical Education website can be viewed at

Thank you for your interest in our program!

Donald Rosen, MD Sahana Misra, MD Mark Kinzie, MD
Program Director Asst. Program Director Asst. Program Director

Oregon Health & Science University
Department of Psychiatry


Thank you for your interest in our program. Please see attached file for more information. We will contact you if we need additional information.

Residency Training Office
Department of Psychiatry
Albert Einstein Medical Center
5501 Old York Road
Philadelphia, PA 19141

Dear Applicant:

Thank you for your interest in our Psychiatry Residency Training Program at Albert Einstein Medical Center/Belmont Center for Comprehensive Treatment. We invite you to visit our website at, which gives a detailed description of our program and its requirements.

We are accepting applications through ERAS only. We accept both AMG/IMG applicants, and although there are no minimum USMLE score requirements, number of attempts are factored into our consideration. There is no cut off date for graduation from medical school, but if it is over five years from your graduation date, please show interest in Psychiatry, i.e. clinical experience, observerships, psychiatry residency in your homeland. U.S. clinical experience not required for application to residency but is preferred. We sponsor H1B/J1 visas and will provide you with hospital recommended attorneys. If you are applying for an H1B visa, you must have Step 3 passed and results in hand by December 31, 2008, otherwise we will consider you for a J-1 visa. Please be aware that Pennsylvania State licensing process can take up to three months, which delays the issuance of visas.

We look forward to receiving your application through ERAS, and will contact you if we need additional information, and to arrange a possible interview. We will begin to review applications for 2009 in September ’08. Due to the high volume of applications, we ask that you not inquire about the future of your application.


Linda Brutsche
Psychiatry Residency Coordinator
Albert Einstein Medical Center


East TN State University

Thank you for your interest in the East Tennessee State University Department of Psychiatry Residency program. All applications will be taken through ERAS beginning September 2008. Applicants will be notified by email if they are being considered for an interview. Interviews will be conducted from October 2008 through January 2009.

All applicants must have passed Part 1 and 2 of the USMLE and have current letters of reference. International Medical Graduates are required to have current ECFMG certification. ECFMG attempts are reviewed. Psychiatry experience is valuable, but not a requirement. No cut off date requirement since graduation.

You may access our program requirements and other information at http://qcom.etsu/psych


Hi guys.Am back after along time.Was busy with s 3.Could u plz help me with the foll programs

2)Boston University
3)Lsmu/Alton Ochsner
5)Howard University
6)Uni of michigan
8)U of minnesota
9)Umdnj-piscataway.ARE requirements same as umdnj-Newark.
11)U of tennesee
12)TExas tech at elpaso
13)t tech at lubbock and t tech at san antoni
14)u of texa-scott white
15)virginia commonwealth uni
16)Med college of wisconsin affi hospi progs?Are criteria same as wisconsin,madison?

Tried mailing but no replies so far.
rolling eyesrolling eyesrolling eyesrolling eyes


nymc richmond,
East tennese


shaking headshaking headshaking headshaking headshaking head


1. We do not sponsor ANY type of visa.

2. We do accept and currently have foreign/international medical graduates.

3. We require that you pass steps 1 and 2.

4. We do not have a minimum score requirement.

5. We do not have a maximum attempt requirement.

6. We do not have a graduation year cut off.

7. We do not require U.S. clinical experience.

8. You must apply to our program through ERAS.

Any additional information you deem necessary is available on the ERAS system.

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