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 failed cs twice  

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hi every body
i failed the cs exam twice . i did them in chicago
the first time i failed the CIS and the SEP.
and the second time i failed the SEP.
iam so depressed.
i need to do the exam before july 4th but iam hesitant and i do not have spot to do it .
please need any help
thanks to all


Hi ,
I am sorry to hear that. I am sure that you will pass next time inshallah.
Dont give up. Go ahead.nodnod
my best luck


dear dr 2007
thank you very much
i hope so
i need faithful prays to me .
take care


It's hard for you. However, don't give up. Try to work on your English so well, work on both listening and talking. Try not to listen or speak but English.


hi guys. Is there anybody here or knows somebody that has failed CS twice. Is there any chance to match.?
step 1 and 2 99 first attempt
good LoR
3mo observership

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