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A buddy of mine sent me this sample CAF. I thought it would be helpful to all Match 09 applicants.

Attached Files:
sample ERAS CAF.doc (151 KB, 1049 downloads)


Please tell me if you have any difficulty in opening/viewing it.


thanks for sharing info...
i have question...
If you are "conditional permenant resident" then will it cause trouble getting interviews?(in the programs that don't sponsor any kind of visas?)...please reply me...I am so confused about it..thanks a lot


Thanks docdoc. Also, you're welcome, though the credit's really not mine.

MAB: I hav no clue. Perhaps someone who does will join in.



there is no "conditional resident" listed on the CAF as visa status. so you just put permanent resident unless you're planning on divorcing before you get the permanent statussmiling face

programs could care less what kind of resident you are (permanent or conditional-some may not even know the difference) as long as you ARE A RESIDENT, especially if they don't offer any visas ...this shoul be your last worry, trust me on this one.


Thanks a lot Medicus,
I worry because of the same reason you just mentioned.with the smile...otherwise I also know its not a big deal....I am under my legal status yet..but already in process of divorce....I have no clue..but I am definately legal until june,2009...I am confused because what to say to PD on the interview(hopefully if any)?...if you know someone with the same situation...then that would be great....thanks a lot budy and have a blessed day..


hmmm, this makes things complicated... You are then aware that if you divorce before you get the permanent status it might be very, very difficult if not impossible to get the permanent green card. You can still apply but you'd better have good reasons (abuse, etc..). Do you have a plan yet? Consult a lawyer! I would also suggest to check the immigrations site , find the form that is usually filled out and see what can be done in your case (there are instructions with the form).

My very sincere advice would be to get control of this situation. I can only imagine what you're going through...But you have to know your options before you start the whole interview/application process. That's why I highly recommend to get a immigration lawyer on your side. I would be very hard to explain your visa situation to PDs and to expect they would help you out. Trust me, the last thing they would like to find out is a messy personal life, it would not reflect good on your performance.

Act now. I would keep you in my prayers! I wish you all the luck!


On the ERAS offline worksheet, through the link provided by docdoc, on page 3, why is there a 'No response' for gender? What's that supposed to mean??



paheli wrote:
On the ERAS offline worksheet, through the link provided by docdoc, on page 3, why is there a 'No response' for gender? What's that supposed to mean??


it means that submitting this info is on volunteer basis, just like race and religious belief. it's completely up to you if you want to share it. ERAS uses it only for statistical purposes.


Oh ok. Thanks for replying, medicus.

And good luck for tomorrow! I wish you much success! smiling face


To medicus_81

You made me more confused. I am also under conditional permanent resident status which is to be removed in July 2009. I don't have any chances of complications (like divorce!!), and there is definately one option called conditional permanent resident in ERAS 2009 worksheet. What do I select? Permanent resident or conditional permanent resident. I have no doubt that my conditional status will have been removed (spouse visa) before July, 2009. Will it really matter to PDs being under conditional permanent resident status compared to permanent resident? What if I select Permanent resident option? will it be illigal? Please reply.


absolutely! choose permanent resident. Like I said, PDs don't care and most don't even know the difference!




Thanks Paheli for the sample CAF, will definitely help a lot! Good luck!nod


love this thread.
I wrote all my rotations and externships under work, now, they weren´t paid.
Do I have to change that and write them under "voluntary"?
I´m confused....confused


yes u can change them million times untill u submit ur caf then no change can be done


If you weren't paid, I guess it's not work.

If you're a fresh grad, obviously you've not had much time practice. So I guess it won't look bad.

G'luck, Anne.




smiling face
Almost all of us did all the exams, now we should be able to deal with this crazy programwink
Still, some things are not so transparent....sticking out tongue
GL to you and everybodygrin

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