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 A 32 yr old male with oral pigmentation  

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A 28 year old male patient presents to you with a history of slight abdomial pain that is recurrent and associtaed with diarrhea...he has complaints of dizziness.and weakness.
On examination.....patient showed....pigmentation in the mucous membranes of his oral cavity ..he claims that the pigmentations has been there since a long time but that it decreased in intensity
The patient is thin...
no other abnormality was detected on examination...

He has a history of a his brother who died at age 53 from cancer pancreas.....

1...What is your probable diagnosis?

a...Gardner's syndrome
b...Addison's disease
c...Peutz Jegher's Syndrome
d...Familial Polyposis coli
e...Cronkhite-Canada syndrome

2...What is the most common cause of mortality in patients with this disease at this age group?

3....what is the overall most common cause of death in these patients?

The rest shall follow


its puetz zehgers synd.cause of death is pancreatic malifnancy


Good it is PJS

the cause of death in this age group is intestinal obstruction and malignancy is the cause of death overall...50% of patients with PJS develop malignancy after the age of 50...pretty big no...

and by malignancy i mean big time malignancy....
small intestinal cancer

and many others...... but pancreatic cancer isn't the most common cause of is a bit less common than the others....

The main DDx in this case is Addison's disease....because of the symptoms......
but the clues are....
pigmentation that has been there life long and decrease in intensity
and the death of a relative with cancer.....

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