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 Vit. D deficiency  

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In patient with renal disease, what form of vit. D will be decreased?
Is it 1,25 di- hydroxycholecalciferol, because kidney has 1 alfa-hydroxylasa ?
Any thoughts? Thanks!






yep true.


yes as 1-alpha hydroxylase which is secreted by kidney converts ,25 hydroxycholecalciferol in to 1,25 di- hydroxycholecalciferol....which is the active form of vit D...nod


Dear Medicus

The answer is 1,25 di- hydroxycholecalciferol. This is because it is 1,25 di- hydroxycholecalciferol that is secteted by the kidney using 1 alfa-hydroxylase.



Hey guys also for the exam remember the different types of vit. D
I mean which one is absorve by the skin which one is in the liver which one is active, ect.

Hy stuff for the exam.

Also the enzyme 1 alfa hydroxulase very important to know.
good luck

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