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Genetic testing is performed on couple with son with CF. Results of genotyping to detect alleles at 5 polymorphic loci linked to the CRTR are shown. Risk of recombination between each of the loci and CFTR is known to be lass than 1%/

genetic markers father mother son with CF fetus
I 1,2 2,2 1,2 1,2
II 4,4 4,4 4,4 4,4
III 3,9 3.3 3,8 3,3
IV 1,1 1,8 1,8 1,1
V 4,8 5,5 5,8 5,8

Which of the following best represent the alleles present on the father's chromosem that has CFTR mutation?

a) I2 II4 III9 IV1 V4
b) I1 II4 III9 IV 1 V4
c) I1 II4 III3 IV 1 V8
d) I2 II4 III3 IV1 V4
e) I2 II4 III9 IV1 V8

Please any idea? Thanks!


Looks confusing
gen marker is in first row I
father in firs row is 1,2
mother in first row iw 2,2
son with CF in first row is 1,2
fetus in first row is 1,2
and so on....




I think this is C


C.. m quite sure about this..

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