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Which of the following could produce a decrease in alveolar ventilation without a change in total ventilation: A. A decreased functional residual capacity
B. A decreased respiratory rate and tidal volume
C. An increased respiratory rate and decreased tidal volume
D. A decreased respiratory rate and increased tidal volume
E . An increased respiratory rate and tidal volume




Yup C makes sense.


Yes. It's C
An increase in the respiratory rate and a decrease in tidal volume indicate a pattern of shallow breathing. If total ventilation does not change, alveolar ventilation will decrease because of the fact that the first 10 ml of each inspiration is dead-space breathing. An increase in the rate means an increase in dead-space breathing


yes its increasing the respiratory rate and decreasing the tidal volume would result in the decrease total ventilation as 10ml of each inspiration would be used in the dead space increasing the resp. rate will increase the dead space breathing essentially.....

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