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 Immune Response ( Help my concept Please)  

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I am doing Immunity. I understand it but I am stuck on one point. What I dont understand is the Immune Response.

There are APC Cells. I got that part. The present the antigen to the
Helper T's. Now, once they are together, APC+Helper-t, they release cytokines. I dont want to discuss which ones, but my point in this, is that B-cells are activated. Ok. I got this part.

Now, there is another another part of an immune response. B-cells see antigen via Antigen Receptors (IgM and IgD). They dont NEED the APC's. They see the antigen unprocessed and internalize it, produce MHC2 and and then present to the Helper t's. Eventually plasma cells are made. Ok. I got that much.

Here is the question. Are those two process related? I mean if the APC -Helper T's activate b-cells, is this what is causing the second part or are both processes independant and Totally different types of Immune responses? If they are related, please do explain how.

Thank you in advance to anyone who can help clear this up. <:help:>


B cells are presented antigen via a receptor on their surface. It only makes sense that this receptor could randomly encounter an antigen and cause the B cell to respond to it the same way. It is not the most common encounter, by any means.

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