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 radio resident from needed  

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Hi i am a first year mdrd resident from india.I am interested in doing radiology residency from us after my graduation.can anybody help me how to go about i habve heard radio is very competitive.I also want to have contact with others who are pursuing same i can have timely advice.nod


see many radiologists get radio fellowships in USA if they have done 3 years degree program, if your is diploma then I'm not sure. if you want to do radio residency in USA then

1. you need very good scores atleast 95+(sorry to sound harsh but the fact of the matter is these days even AMGs applying to radio have 99, 99, so its difficult for FMGs)

2. spend 1 year doing research in an FMG friendly program, pros are they can give you good LORs, and your chances of matching to the same program are higher.

3. keep a back up. like IM, nuc med, peds, whatever.



Thanks priya for advice.

I am an md resident which is of3 yr duration.Is it possible that i first join some fellowship than get some lor and than apply for different programs.You see my priority is to residency there.

and also i wanna know if during fellowship stipend is provided or ihave to sponsor myself?


You're welcome!

Had I been you I will go for fellowship and then eventually ABR certification. it has some requirements like

you have to do 4 years at one institution and have to clear American Radiology boards, bottomline is you can bypass the residency pathway. for more refer to

yes you get a stipend usually PGY5, its a paid fellowship.


Programs do look at you favorably if you have done a residency in Radiology....I would suggest you try for a fellowship after your residency, because not many AMGs go for fellowships, mainly because of the loan and want to earn money. Go to American college of radiology website and see their requirements....I think you get a license to practice after 2 years of fellowship and passing their boards.....and offcourse no matter how good you are you will still have to take USMLE's.....try getting that out of the way while you are still frsh..other that that just pray and hope for the best....RAdiology is very competetive......also look for just have to pass the exam and you get Royal college certification.


Very informative thread. Thanks guys. What is the minimum requirements to get a fellowship in radiology (IMG)? About the 4 year fellowship, if we get into a program, does it mean that we can continue in it for the 4 yrs, or do we have to write exams or such at the end of each year? Sorry if this question seems silly. Is getting a fellowship in radiology after doing a MD in rad in one's home country easy for an IMG?


Getting fellowships consecutively in a Univ setting is not easy these days for FMGs but it is worth a try. ABR is trying to cut down ABR certifications in this category .But radio is one of the few board specialities which still allows pre residency fellowships to be eligible for board certifications. Take advantage at the earliest.


raba, thanks very much for your reply. Another thing, do I have to have any prior research experience in radio to get a fellowship? I know it's required for residency. In other words, after completing MDRd, can I straightaway apply for fellowships or do I have to build my CV with research experience, or USCE or some sort? Btw, are you doing radio residency in the US?


1. As these posts are competitive research would definately help. Clinical experience is not so much required as you would have already completed a degree back home.
2. You can start applying only after completing USMLE, as this is a clinical speciality and requires pt care so ECFMG certification is required.
3. I am doing a radio residency in the US


Thank you very much raba. I'll be entering (hopefully) my first year in mdrd only in 2010. I hope the scenario doesn't change much in 2013 when I graduate. So I guess the best option would be to do research in a IMG friendly institute for one year and then apply for fellowship. Which country are you from?


Hello sir, myself darshan gandhi.Sir just tell me is there any news that ABR is changing there rules and after few years we have to do compulsory residency in radiodiagnosis there if i want to prac there as a consultant???Or is this just a rumour?And is there any Indian origin doctor who only after completing mbbs in india go directly there and do 1 or 2 year in int medicine and then applied for radio resi and get it easily???Is this pathway better or the pathway of doing MD/DNB in india and then do fellowship for 4 yrs is better???I am about to take the admission in DNB radiodaignosis so please solve my query as soon as possible if u know some facts...Thanks and reply me soon...


Hi ....... Thanks all for kind replies and unconditional support. ....... I am reviving this thread after 3 years......

As you people have advised, i am done with MD residency at home and now is applying for some PG-1 radio residency progarm along with preliminary year in internal medicine. About my ECFMG status, I have passed Step 1 and 2 of USMLE with scores 253/99 and 257/99 respectively. I will be appearing for CS on 1 nov.

Can anyone provide me with IMG friendly list for radiology at [email protected]

Also i wish to know since most radio programs are advanced PG-2 position, how can apply for them. I mean should i be applying for PG-2 position staring 2013 now or should i apply for preliminary and transitional year this time and only if i matched than apply for PG-2 position next year.

What are my chance with above score.

If anyone who has matched recently could contact me at email for advise that will be of great help.

looking forward to hear from you guys.

Best regardssmiling face

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