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 Growth Hormone - help please  

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Can anyone tell me what inhibits Growth Hormone? What is the negative feedback mechanism?


growth hormone inhibiting hormone (somatostatin) inhibits it.

growth hormone releasing hormone releases it.

both are from the hypothalamus


Thanks. smiling face Does glucose inhibit it too? I thought it also did. Assuming that it does, then why can't you use it as a treatment for elevated growth hormone.


well i have no idea about it.......growth hormone does affect the glucose conc,increases it, but dont know if glucose affects GH conc.......


GH is considered as a Stress Hormone so hypoglycemia induces its secretion and Hyperglycemia decreases it.


Much thanks. smiling face


Just read in RR that "Hormones are not supressed by glucose administration" which is what I knew, but just can't figure out why.


growth hormone along with cortisol,epinephrine,glucagon are the stress hormones....they are induced by hypoglycemia or any other state of stress and inhibited by hyperglycemia...


Kaplan: "GH is released in pulses throughout the day. The most consistent period of secretion occurs approximately one hour after the onset of sleep. GH is released following stress, hypoglycemia, vasopressin or L-dopa injection, during exercise, and during sleep"
Also, somatomedins inhibit GH secretion and promote somatostatin secretion.

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