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 What book to Supplement my studying!  

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Hi all... whenever I 've been stressed out, needed some guidance, i've come to count on the Prep4Usmle gang and i hope you wont fail me in my time of need!

I know this question has probably been asked a gazillion times but I need to hear it personally!(hopefully you wont mind)

What book should i use to supplement my studying, First Aid? Step up? or otherwise? I like conscise books which i can read near the end of my exam(to solidify key topics etc.) cuz i usually get tired of going through the ''big'' lecture notes! I found the First Aid in step 1 nice and efficient! but what do u guys recommend for Step 2 CK? i know its a little late in my prep but i have about a month left.

So far I have gone through the lecture notes(Kaplan) twice, watched all the lectures and have now started doing USMLE World Q's (and im very demoralized and embarassed by my results-- Im happy if I score above a 50% at this point---how pitiful is that!).. I was planning on giving my exam in mid-May, but by the looks of it, seems like i have lots of work to do. Im looking for that ''ONE BOOK''(special magical book!!) that has everything in it in a conscise easy to read manner!!(I know this is an oversimplification, but i hope you know what i mean cuz i really dont want to go through the lecture notes agaiin!!!!)

Anyhow, I hope you all can help me in my time of despair,

Thanking everyone in advance

(btw.. this is what i look like nowadays----->:confusedsmiling face


btw... thats not supposed to be happy face in the end... it was supposed to be the confused look!! i dont know what happened!!! (see! nothing is going my way nowadays..loL!)


I feel for ya...ure so confused u dnt know what smiley face ure addin *S*
if you find an answer to your question, tell me! I actually have the same quest but what I noticed is I'm jus gona have to jump in the hot water n' see for myself...hottie reccomended secrets so I think Im gona read it n' go frm there....if I dont like it I'll jus try crush or FA or something...dunno confused


Ok toolazy2study..I think its a genuine question!

but so far.. no one has offered any advice??????


lol! im in the same boat guys, seems like people in the Step 2 Forums arent as friendly or 'helpful' as they were in Step 1

I have heard about people reading USMLE secrets, Step up, and some other one Deja... but Im surprised no one is giving a definative answer in this forum!! where is everyone! help us plezzee!


I'm using The USMLE Step Booster, it's good, really good for last month review because it's random and it gives you better self esteem when you're done with it... I'm more confidant now than when I started with it.. I also did Kaplan and UW and some FA.. but for the past 30 days or so, I have been studying from the booster book and doing UW questions, I hope it works! I heard about it from usmleforum and people say good things about it. I will let you know after my test.


thanks SickofUSMLE, btw... I love your nickname!! lol!!

i havent heard of USMLE Step Booster, but what do u think, is it a good all in one book, cuz i sure could use a morale booster right about now.. im averaging around 50% on the USMLE WOrld q's and i've done more than 50% of them!!

btw.. when is your exam??


Do Crush, you don't know how many questions I had in my exam from that book. You are realizing it when you get your score, it's much higher than you expected.
Check Secrets as well, they are exactly the same with crush (same author) but in a different format, it's just a matter of taste.
GLsmiling face


hi pacman lol
The usmle Step booster is not an all in one book, at least I did not think it was, IT IS A GREAT BOOK, don't get me wrong! but it is only a suppliment that boosts your usmle score.. get it? "USMLE STEP BOOSTER" lol
so using it with Kaplan and Usmleworld works great I think.
I pushed my test a few weeks so i can finish this book for the second time around... I feel much better and more prepared now, that's a morale booster right there!
my test date is set so far to be on May 23... unless I change my mind again.


hey sickofmle, i waz wondering, would u reccomend booster over secrets/crush/step up/fa?? as in, i was wonderin if uve read any of the other bks n' find it better than the others????....


i would recommend step 2 secrets as one magical book with many hy topics covered ! good luck


hi everybody!
this is a really good question and as far as I can see, quite difficult to get an easy answer.
I only can talk about my experience with Step Up. A friend suggested me the Medicine book of that series to supplement Kaplan notes of medicine. I did not finally complete it but read a considerable part of it. It's definitely a good, well-written and easy-reading book BUT I did not feel that it added significantly to my study. Now that I've read Kap notes twice and kept my own notes of it, I 've figured out that the only things might have helped me were some algorithms, which do not exist in Kap notes....or exist in Kaplan, as well, but sometimes, not so apparently and directly presented.

Step Up is quite extensive and I'm not sure that it's appropriate for the last month of one's final revision. I used it more as a supplement of medicine notes, especially whenever I was not sure about a management issue and I needed a second oppinion. Since there are some differences in terms of management and diagnosis in some cases, even among kaplan notes ( e.g med and surg books) I sometimes needed an extra oppinion.
Finally, I used it as a supplement in Neurology, since Kaplan is a bit short on it.
That's all I can say, I hope it helps a bit.

I'm also taking ck in july and this issue concerns me enough.nod

good luck everybody!


hello too lazy2study,
the step booster book is great, especially if you're doing Kaplan or premier review + usmleworld. much better than secrets and crush i think. I think it will work for you specificaly because of your name "too lazy to study"... the book is scheduled by days to be it gives you a motivation o study and cover a part every day.
I give it an AAA+

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