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The extracellular potassium of a hyperkalemic patient can be decreased by administering which of the following substances?

A. Atropine
B. Epinephrine
C. Glucagon
D. Lactic acid
E. Isotonic saline

Iam sorry i posted it here in physio :oops:




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Could someone explain the basis as to how epinephrine decreases K+ levels?From what I know epinephrine increases glucagon and decreases insulin levels therefore worsening the K+ levels.


Hi asmi,
Can you give explanation for the answer?
I think the answer is D.


I think lactic acid can worsen the extracellular hyperkalaemia because more H+ will enter the cell in exchange for K+


Raising the H+ levels by lactic acid infusion will cause K+ to move into the cells


Sorry guys for the confusion.......checked out and the answer is epinephrine causes hypokalemia ...I still am not clear about the mechanism


Epi causes initial rise in K+, then prolonged fall.
Rise, cause liver releases K+, then ffall cause of efffect of beta-2 receptors on muscles, that increse uptake K+ in to muscle cell. Hope this suffies.

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