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Renal correction of hyperkalemia will result in which of the following?

B. Acidosis
C. Increased secretion of HCO3–
D. Increased secretion of H+
E. Increased excretion of Na+


E ???????????




Involves the aldosterone-mediated K+/H+ pump, so the body would not pull back K+ and would therefore hold onto would not be able to regenerate HCO3- and would develop acidosis.

B is the right answer.


hyperK---K into the cell and H out---acidosis (cell mechan.)
but acidosis inhibits the K secretion in distal duct

so i suppose it's important to increase the secretion--so?


If you increase excretion of Na+, then you will absolutely not clear K+ also, since the last pump that deals with both exchanges Na+ for would need to increase reclamation of Na+ to clear K+, I would think. My belief is that you get acidotic as a result of renal clearance of K+, whether it is through 'acidosis' or 'increased secretion of HCO3-'...I am not crazy about either of them but that is my theory.


Yes I agree that the answer is B...more K+is being excreted while H+ is being conserved in the DCT


nik, what is the right ans :?:

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