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 Anesthesiology prerequisites  

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Hi, I'm an old IMG with anesthesiology residency from my country, ECFMG certified
but no USCE; my ques. is do I need a prelim/transitional yr.before applying to anesth.?
will observership in IM or FM add any weight to my application?sad
any advice or guidance is welcome ...thanks a lot.


welcome to the wonderful world of applying to anesthesia... Everyone is invited to this nerve wrecking experience, HEY! hold on I posted this before somewhere else in this forum...

Dear Aiming high as a succesful anesthesia applicant I can tell you this, applying to anesthesia SUX!!! big time!

Why? cause you will apply to lets sat a 100 programs and you will be rejected a LOT and will be invited to a very, tiny, weeny, micro amount of them. Just, saying according to my own personal experience.
Scores are just part of your application and believe me, many rather take an average amg than a double 99er img with previous experience in anesthesia. I have seen a couple of succesful imgs with previous experience at the mayo clinic, new mexico, miami and Yale. But they were high scorers indeed.
Try to get as many strong contacts as you can, and when I say this I mean: STAFF, FACULTY and dont think residents are a strong support. Residents are good people but I dont think their oppinions are of much weight at the time of making the ranking list.
I know a person in this forum was offered a prematch in very respectful place so if you scored high, have research, strong LORs and contacts I think you should have a fair chance of matching somewhere.
According to my unofficial calculations Miami gave 4 prematches to imgs this season! I WAS NOT ONE OF THEM! Actually my interview there SUCKED!!
These people ask bizarre questions that from my perspective, these questions are FULL OF IT!! They are useless cause they dont measure anything useful..

CONTACTS are key! for everything in this world...

So go for it and never look back! Cause I once did and its painful.. disapproval

Now that everything is over, I feel relieved and pretty excited things ended up this way. grin

The place where I will be living has a six flags park nearby.. My son and I LOVE rollercoasters!




mazinger, thanks for the reply, and congratulations on your success!

I know getting anesthesia is very difficult so I wanted to know all possible ways by which I can increase my chances. I've been trying to get observership but have not been able to yet, any tips there? As for contacts...I guess I can only do that once I'm doing obsvership/extnsp somwhere:confused!!


hey aiminghigh getting an observership is a difficult task no matter the specialty. The only feasible way to get an observership is through a contact. Doesnt matter if your contact is an attending in another specialty, but as long as he could find you an observership in the hospital; you will be one step closer to your goal.

This is what happened to me in a real life situation. I did an observership in internal medicine in a big name hospital, thanks to a good friend of mine. As I said before, initially, this observership was in internal medicine, I didnt know anything else besides the fact the I was going to rotate with them IM (no anesthesia for me). Once I got there this friend connected me with the people in the anesthesia department. The anesthesia staff was so kind to accept me as an observer-visiting physician, and to tell you the truth this incidental anesthesia rotation was one of the best experiences I ever had in my life.
This is when I met a couple of attendings at this hospital I could call my friends, because of all the kindness and a nice attitude they had not only towards me, but to everyone they worked with.
I believe this place is some sort of sanctuary, many of the things they do are in a way sacred.
Well, the bottomline is, I would never have had this rotation in anesthesia unless I didnt rotate in internal medicine in the first place. Dont be afraid of doing things that at the beginning may seem a little distant of your final destination. You never know what might happen unless you try. Once you open a door many doors will open in sequence.
Look at me I tried and had one of the best experiences in my life. BUT, I must say in this scenario having good board scores and a charming personality grin helped me a lot in so many ways grin .

Its not easy, but you only need to find a contact somewhere.. sorry I cannot assist you in that matter..

GL and keep me posted

Edited by mazinger on Apr 05, 2008 - 4:04 PM


Thanks again mazinger, I have one more ques.grin- do all PGY2 anesth. position need a PGY1 exp. in US?
How long was your usce & home country anesth. exp.? (I guess that's 2 more ques.)grin


To your first question: yes you need to do an acgme accredited pgy 1 year in order to be ellegible for Boards licensure.

For more info about this read:

I am a 2004 grad, step 1 245/99, step 2 247/99, 4 months usce 3 USlors from teaching hospitals (mayo clinic, CWRU), 1 Lor from my country PD at the residency program at the hospital I work. I have 1 year of experience in toxicology, and almost 3 years of experience in anesthesia, currently working as a resident.. No research, posters, whatsoever...


Thanks again; I'll give it my best shot ,rest is in God's handssmiling face


I think everything helps your application, especially in anesthesia . In this specialty you will not see 20 people in the same time for an interview ( at least from my experience) or the faculty not knowing anything about you. So everything what is in your resume matters! Every point reached it's important.
The answer is , yes, you have to apply for 1 prelim year ( doesn't matter if is surgery or internal medicine but IM is better).


totally agree with mazinger, connection is very very important. no matter which department, get into the hospital first. I know a friend who is doing observationship in Neurology. She met a few attendings from nephrology and then she got observation in internal medicine too!

a funny story, she got lost in the hospital and met a nephrologist. he showed her way and she asked for observation, and he agreed!!!


yl wrote:
I also interviewed in Miami, they asked many many behavioral science questions. BTW, they interviewed 15+ applicants on that day!


Thanks NE, yl.
yl, congrats on your match smiling face
NE, did you match for anesthesia as well?
In my opinion from reviewing the profiles of all those matched (in any subject), the most imp. factor seems to be usce and getting that is becoming tougher by the day shaking head


I didn't go to match- I signed a prematch at my top choice hospital.I think here everybody has his own story,you can not find a "general recipe".I was very lucky, anyway.


i want to apply for anesthesia residency for 2009. i have heard that u have to apply for preliminary year. is it a separate program on eras or will be part of the anesthesia program on eras.. please advice me on it.

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