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A certain substance, which is both freely filtered and secreted, is being maximally secreted. As the plasma concentration of the substance increases, the renal clerance
A. decreses and approaches that of inulin.
B. increases and approaches that of inulin.
C. increases to the renal plasma flow.
D. will decrease to zero.
E. will remain the same.
Please explain it for me


A.... Secretion system will become saturated and and only filtration becomes the lone source of clearance.


clearance=urine conc of a subs*urine flow rate/plasma conc of subs
so you can see that clearance is inversely propotional with plasma conc and since its maximall secreted it means its clearance is larger than its GFR so A


Need to study renal physio... Great job! A is correct. The question is from Kaplan Q-bank and only 30% of people got this one correct...I got myself in 70%...Oh...


A, secretion system is saturated and additional amount of substance will go back to the body as if the kidney were not secreting these addtional substances at all.

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