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 "USMLE World Question " for USMLE Step 1  

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Hi Guys,

Everybody has been mentioning about "USMLE World Question Bank". I have two questions:

1) Do you do USMLE world along with your first reading, or it after giving one read, and having at least an idea about the subject ?

2)Where do you download usmle world questions for free?

Kindly reply. Thanks for all your help



i dont think they have them for 'free' u go to their website and use it, u can't replace the way they do it, meaning on computer, timed, mixed, and the look of it is exactly like the exam so u dont feel all nervous at ur exam, it;s just like doing uworld at u home!! it's worth it!


no matter how you get it ( I suppose the only way is to subscribe, bear in mind that it's much cheaper than kaplan Qbank and maybe even better), it's definitely worth it. I agree with hottie99( hi hottie smiling face )....
regarding your other question, I would suggest you went through it after having completed your first reading. it would be more effective.... it would be quite stressing to test yourself in things and concepts that you haven't read yet( and usmleworld includes quite intriguing questions that could drive you in panic whether done in the very beginning).
of course that's the way I did it and worked for me....just hope this might have been useful for u...good luck


Thanks hottie 99and kleovoulos for your input. Will try to do the same.


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