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what part of the kidney is involved in reducing edema?

B) descending limb
C) ascending limb
E) Collecting duct

without answer so an explanation with your answer please....


If physiologically, then PCT, where Urea reabs is regulated. But I am only guessing. But interstisial edema is handled by lymphatics, that dump it back to circulation, so also can be ANP that handles that, that also at PCT, only Na involved.
How does that sound? May I ma not getting the q?


it's beyond mesad


I think it has to be the DCT. Aldosterone-mediated salt reabsorption (i.e. in CHF) is a major reason why edema occurs. Remember, if no increase in Total Body Na+, then no edema.


seems better than PCT


It has to be either DCT or collecting tubules.In oedema the renal system has to readjust its self so as to excrete more water.....this can be only done by the help of low ADH levels....therefore the tubules are less permeable to water or by decreased Aldosterone levels by decreasing Na reabsorption and so less water is my answer will be DCT


I think it has to be based on salt excretion more than water, myself. I believe that it is DCT.

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