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Hello everyone; i have failef my step 2 CK 2x; don't know what to do or where to start from. im thinking about changing my careers; but then its all too late for that. i was three points from passing. very stressed out with exam/ has family support but not from the significant other. im just shattered. i had studied kaplan notes/UW made notes as well/did kaplan q bank. i guess im going to give it my last shot then move on to different field.


hey maa i can understand ur feelings an its natural but rem life will go is all about failures and successes..even if u had cleared the exam still u will face so many other bigger in retrospect try to get the positives out of ur exam..u know ur weakpts..try to master them..stick to the resources u had used since twill be fresh in ya memory..anddo more questions,take nbme etc
think in this way that u have a chance to score much higher than to be stuck with a low score ur entire since u were just few marks away from passing i think with more effort u will definetly pass..relax for some time,shake off neg thoughts and nerves and start afresh
rem usmle is not just another demands serious study and hard work
gl an all the best


I failed step 2 CK once (reading FA only), then I used FA + Kaplan q-bank + usmleworld, did the NBME to check how good I was, then I passed with 257/99!

I bet you can do it too. nod


yes maa... u can...

if i can..... so can ne one else!


Hi maa.I can understand your feelings.The sooner you decide the better it is for you.If you plan to change profession the best bet according to me is going for Physician Assistant.I know people will be after my neck for giving this sane advice but if you do it you will thank me all your life.It is useless to pursue USMLEs if you have an attempt because nobody will consider your application unless you really know a PD.Instead of wasting your time ,money and sanity in this mess go for something which will be easy sailing for you.


thank you guys for your kind advice; i will have to get over it; the good news is that i have passed my cs; thats out of the way. im very happy about it. well for now i think i will have a plan; study ck all over again; and at the same time have a plan to apply to different schools>> PA school and pharmacy school and then next year depending on my situation; i will go for it; if i get interviews i will go for med; if not PA and pharmacy. till now i had no back up plan; im going to have PA and pharmacy school my back up just in case if i don't get into residency;i have put so so much money and time in mediicne; and now i can't afford to loose my age and time anymore; .........thanks everyone for your advice.....


any one have experince with recheck?


don't lose hope! you can do it!!!nod don't settle for anything less!!!grin


Getting into a PA program is competetive. I would have to say that it is easier to pursue your residency than PA. Pursue your dreams. Go for the residency first.


wow arlete from a fail to a ninety nine that is priceless and you said you only studied from first aid aid the first timeshocked amazing I plan to use First Aid kaplan Q bank and Usmle World Q bank for the step 3 hope this is enough



I didn't have a clue about usmle at the time, so I went to Barnes & Nobles, bought the first book I found (First Aid), read it while taking care of a 3 year-old and a 6 month-old, got pregnant by the time I went for it, and almost passed with a low score. So for me, not passing was better than passing, although it hurt my self steem and made me cry at that time. I didn't know I could have tested myself with the NBME and I didn't know it would interfere with my application if I failed. That's one of the reasons I like to come to this forum and let people know how things work. Because I had no orientation at that time!

It sounds like a good plan you have for step 3, good luck!


Maa u don't look like the type that will give up on your patient.
victory is sweeter when it comes the hard way.
Lets try again. We all all with you on this one.

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