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 Pediatrics Match Information  

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Thanks a lot. nod


Mukho, Thanks for this. Wanted to ask you, Why did you not apply at CHOP? I know, it's an insanely INSANELY competitive prog. I believe they only have 2 or 3 IMGs in their entire large size prog. But, I think with your scores and prior Peds degree from home country plus personality, you had a more-than-decent shot.

Of course, the prog you have matched at is also one of the best, and many of the progs on your list are actually quite competitive as well, but just curious as to why you did not apply to the very best.


Following is the eligibility criteria for applying to CHOP:

To Apply You Must:

* Be a graduate of a U.S. or Canadian medical school
* If not a graduate of a U.S. or Canadian medical school, have completed one year of formal training in a U.S. hospital
* Passed USMLE Parts I and II
* Apply through the ERAS System

shockedshaking head

Hey, i have no regrets, ranking wise CHOP is # one, I got # 2...more than fine by mesmiling face


and saved a year too !


grin yup that too!

Hey moto, hope ur paperwork is making progress (mine is as silent as eversad)...once things get settled with ur program please do post some stuff here...peds forum is so deserted of seniors!


Yeah, I forgot about the USCE. They need 1 yr.


moto, you matched in Peds?


Yes me peds too. Mukho has matched in to PL2 so saved a year!


mukho wrote:

Hey moto, hope ur paperwork is making progress (mine is as silent as eversad)...once things get settled with ur program please do post some stuff here...peds forum is so deserted of seniors!

Hey mukho my paper work is frozen too. I registered at usmleforum today as very few people here were posting about my DC license issue. There I found a post saying we can book a visa interview date with the vfs based on the premium processing receipt number (Not that I am anywhere close to that either!!!).

About my posting less in the peds forum...whenever I visit a post to give my are always there and bang right !!!!! I will make my presence felt now by saying..."yea mukho is right !" wink


Aww damn!!...everyone is noticing how addicted I am....gotto stopgrin!

I tried booking an interview date but they needed me to fill some petition number, maybe thats the premium processing had to stop...well everytime I hear anything bout my license its always more delays...will keep u updated.


when i click your name it is amazing to find that you were 'last seen' a few minutes ago smiling face grin

u still must not be wasting more than 40-45 minutes on this. and u r doing a gr8 job helping people. so dont stop.nod


Also it is amazing to note that u have 6 topics and 323 posts....I wonder if there is higher Post:Topics ratio on this forum...


Hey guys,

Good to see some posts on the peds forum. I read Mukho's list of program that she applied to, and I think it is pretty comprehensive. Out of the top of my head there is a a few more programs that do interview/take IMGs:

St. John Hospital, Detroit MI
Georgetown University in Washington, DC
Texas Tech Univ at el Paso, TX
University of Denver, CO (This is quite competitive but there are some IMGs in the program. I heard from a friend that matched there that sometimes doing a rotation over there increases your chances of interviewing. I think this is appliable to most other programs at well)
There are some NY/NJ programs that are missing. Most NY/NJ programs have a very large IMG residents group.


how are pediatrics program at baltimore..specifically University of Maryland,,,is it IMG-friendly...
and how competitive is John Hopkins.
One more ques...I am doing observership in IM but want to primarily apply in Peds will this matter ...


I interviewed at Univ of maryland...following was the eligibility criteria they wrote back to me:
Thank you for your interest in our program. Our requirements for international graduates is that you must score of 85 or better on Step I and II of the USMLE, have passed the clinical skills assessment test, and have done at least 2 years of formal pediatric training in your home country or another country. Also, if you do not hold a permanent visa or green card, our institution only sponsors J1 visas.

I thought it was a good program, they do take IMGs...few though...they lose their cystic fibrosis patients to JHP but for the rest seemed satisfied

JHP eligibility criteria were:
The prerequisites for application to our pediatric residency program include two years of clinical experience in the United States. Research and observerships do not qualify as clinical experience. There is no minimum USMLE score required, but you must have passed on your first attempt. Also, the University only sponsors a J1 visa. Because we receive approximately 500 applications a year from US medical graduates and only hold 250 interviews, it is very rare that we have the opportunity to interview foreign medical graduates. If you have any further questions please refer to our website at and thank you for your interest in our program!

so i would say it is very competitive

they will ask u at IVs why did u obs at IM if u were interested in peds and are u applying in IM...if u ans those well, u should be fine


Thanks for the info mukho...seems these two programs are not very img-friendly...


hi mukho.. another question regarding the point you mentioned about observership in IM and then applying to Paeds far is it going to affect the applications ...
since I am doing my observership in IM in a university setting but primarily going to apply in it going to adversely affect my application for scores are in high 90s..


dont know much, beyond what i wrote previously....u should be able to ans 2 questions...either at interview or thru ur PS ...why u are doing IM, and are u applying for IM too?
if u compare the possible adverse reaction to different speciality USCE vs no USCE...the odds favor USCE (any branch) by miles!
USCE is to get u to see the system and get some good LORs...the only issue i can see actually see is that u will get LORs from IM ppl and they may not be able to do justice to ur potential as a peds candidate...but again getting USCE shuold be ur foremost aim, according to me


thanks for the information..smiling face


i thought as people start searching for programs the concept best prog will come up...this is the list for best peds hospitals 2007 from US News and World report

the other ranking used in peds include that of childs magazine (u need to pay to get that) and some others like leap frog etc..

Not that many are IMG friendly but information is after all key to success grin

enjoy guys and hope we get lots of peds enthusiasts!

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